Florence Kane Loves Denim So Much She Made It Her Side Hustle

Yes, she’s the Digital Fashion Director at Glamour, but she’s also the co-founder of Jean Stories. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

Nearly every person in fashion worships at the altar of denim. When we first knock on someone’s door, that someone is almost always wearing a pair of jeans—before they change into whatever more “fashion-y” look they’re feeling themselves in at the given time. In our circles, jeans so rarely gets the love they deserve, often because something shinier and more glittery gets our attention first. (You can find our picture next to the definition of “magpie” in your Merriam-Webster.)

But we love us some jeans. We wear them nearly every single day. And it’s time they get their due. So we called up a fashion person who we knew would feel us, one Florence Kane, who loves denim so very much that she started a whole website devoted to it with Jane Herman (her closet is coming later this week, don’t worry). Kane is now the Digital Fashion Director at Glamour, and among her Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent dresses, she has an untold number of jeans. Levi’s, 3x1, Amo, Mother, Gap—it’s all here. And while we dug through the many pairs and many chambray shirts and jackets (including an adorable pinned and patched Lee jacket that was her husband’s as a kid), Kane told us about her first ever pair, the brands she thinks are killing it right now, and why there’s no such thing as too many denim labels.


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