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Our Favorite Fall Trend? Wearing Whatever You Want

Here’s to doing you in 2017. In collaboration with Moda Operandi.

Our Favorite Fall Trend? Wearing Whatever You Want
Alec Kugler

While we’re loath to call “Feminism,” the social movement, a trend (sure, it’s been more of a topic of conversation recently, but we have been and will be feminists forever), there’s no denying that certain feminist ideas have crept into fashion as of late. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

All over the fall 2017 runways, we saw nods to feminism that were both overt (Prabal Gurung’s “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” T-shirts, and Missoni’s pink hats, for example), and more subtle. The overarching idea is that women should say/do/wear whatever they want in 2017—there’s no one way a woman should look or dress, and we couldn’t stand behind that more. So what does that look like?

Well, a lot of things. It’s all about feeling powerful and comfortable in your choices—and if pink ruffles make you feel powerful, well, fabulous! More of a suit gal? Also excellent. The point is, do you, always. This is about more of a mindset than a trend—more of a dedication to being resolutely yourself than trying to conform to a prescribed set of style rules. So without further ado, here are the things making us feel like our most comfortable selves this season.



Anyone who was at any of the many Women’s Marches around the world this February will attest to the fact that pink is a powerful color.




Put on a power suit and try to tell us you don’t feel a thousand times more confident.




Some people feel their best chilling at home in sweatpants. And honestly, same. But for a select few, nothing makes them feel more empowered than getting fancy in a gorgeous dress and a terrific heel. Again, do you!



Classic Neutrals

We call this “clean-slate” dressing. When you don’t want your clothes to be the first thing someone notices about you, classic neutrals should be the go-to.

Bodycon 2.0

We’ll give the likes of Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian credit for this one, but now, more than ever, there’s power in owning and celebrating your sexuality.


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