The Miracle Beauty Product Katheryn Winnick Keeps in Her Clutch

The Miracle Beauty Product Katheryn Winnick Keeps in Her Clutch

It’s a classic!

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Katheryn Winnick may star on the hit show Vikings, and appear in The Dark Tower alongside Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba, but trust us—it hasn’t gone to her head. In fact, on top of revealing she throws the occasional “vision board party,” the actress has a few—and very relatable—beauty tidbits to share. From the classic products she keeps in her purse to why you rarely spot her wearing red lipstick, see why we could easily picture Katheryn as one of our funny, beauty-loving friends. If, y’know, said friend had over 1 million Instagram followers…


The one feature she loves to highlight:

“If I were to choose one feature [to highlight], it would definitely be my eyes. Eyes are what I like, and fresh dewy skin. I’m also a firm believer in hydration, drinking lots of water. My mom told me to use olive oil in the morning or at night to take off your makeup, and wash your face at night no matter what time you get home—very, very important.”

The product she always keeps in her bag:

“I have a couple little tricks that I use, especially when I’m traveling and flying. I definitely keep Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream with me all the time, whether it’s for cuticle oil, or scratches if I’m getting beat up on Vikings, or for your lips or your under-eye. It’s one of those versatile products you can carry around in a small clutch. I think everybody should have a few of their secret products with them all the times.”

Why she rarely wears red lipstick:

“I can’t maintain it. I one day would love to be able to learn how to maintain it. I bite my lips, I touch my lips, I’m constantly very fidgety. Maybe if it’s for a photo shoot, for 5 minutes, I can do it. You will see me on the carpet with a red lip. I will get that down one day.”


How she maintains her blonde hair:

“I’ve been going to the same hairstylist for…ever. Rona is her name, and she works at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills. She’s more of like a mad scientist in terms of getting the right combination of formula to keep your hair healthy and still give it that brightness. Actually, when I shoot in Ireland, or on movie sets, she’ll contact the local hairstylist to fly in my formula for root touch-ups and highlights, and maintain the same process so my hair doesn’t get damaged. I think that’s very important—once you find a good hair colorist, you want to stay with them.”

Her most questionable beauty phase:

“In high school, I definitely had a hippie phase. I used to have those thread wraps in my hair, and I actually owned a few pairs of Birkenstocks shoes. That didn’t last long once I moved to New York…”

The *surprising* amount of time it takes to do her hair on Vikings:

“We’ve got it down for the most part—45 minutes, sometimes an hour. I have the most talented hair artist, Dee Corcoran. [Vikings] actually just got nominated for hair and makeup for an Emmy, so I’m very excited that their hard work is being recognized by the Television Academy. What’s great about the show is that you want to keep it real. So if you’re not a shield maiden in battle, you can be undone and raw and dirty and bloody. That’s why it’s so different to do Dark Tower. It’s very contemporary. I play a young mother who is struggling in New York to make ends meet, versus a shield maiden queen who is running an army and a kingdom.”

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