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Why We’re Dressing like We’re In a Biker Gang This Fall

Extreme times call for extreme measures.

Why We’re Dressing like We’re In a Biker Gang This Fall

Like many of you, I am finding myself struggling with current events on a daily basis. I have said in my previous, more politically minded posts that there is just one silver lining to The Orange Man: We as a nation are more attuned and more active in the political narrative than ever. News viewership has skyrocketed, mostly because our government officials dole out better entertainment than The Sopranos. We need to toughen up and become more active and less tolerant. Taking action means educating ourselves, writing to and calling senators daily and participating in marches, political think-tanks and other fund- and awareness-raising events and conversations.

And, you’ll want to dress the part, because there is something really empowering about toughening up what you wear. You know how you feel effortlessly badass in a motorcycle jacket, even if it’s topping a flirty dress? This fall, we need to amp up our tough-girl status and fuel our inner warrior. We are going to need all the heavy armor we can get dealing with Humpty Trumpty.

Studs and heavy statement jewelry are weighing on my mind (pun intended) for fall. Think Daenerys Targaryen meets Siouxsie Sioux. Get ready to be the very best kind of hell-raiser.

My most recent acquisition in advance of fall is the Givenchy Elegant Studded Boot. They’re a classic and I like them to toughen up dresses or wear with a cropped pant.
Now go raise some hell!
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