We Worked Out like Victoria’s Secret Angels and This Is What Happened

We Worked Out like Victoria’s Secret Angels and This Is What Happened

New York’s modelFIT show us 4 cardio moves everyone loves.

Alec Kugler

This past weekend we descended on the Hamptons with our friend and modelFIT trainer Julie Cook to put on three of our all-time favorite workouts as part of fitness festival Southampton Sweat. You may have seen it all go down on our Instagram stories. It was a sweaty, rainy, and fun ol’ time! But because we couldn’t squeeze everyone in (next time!), we wanted to bring the workout to you. Herein, we had Julie show us her favorite cardio moves for head-to-toe toning. If her abs are any indication, these are good ones.


Move 1: Cardio Crunch

“Standing tall with engaged abs, a tucked pelvis and both feet together, bring both arms up and bend them at the elbows in front of your body. They should be positioned at a 90-degree angle and be at shoulder height. Keep your fists tight throughout the entire exercise. Jump out past hip width equally with both feet, and bring your arms wide so they hit parallel to your sides, keeping the elbows bent. Be careful not to swing your arms, but place them with intention, so you can see them in your peripheral vision and so you do not arch your spine. Jump back in with both feet and bring your arms back to the starting position, at the 90-degree angle in front of you. Repeat this twice.

“Jump out again, both arms at 90 degrees to the sides, then bring your left knee up to meet the elbow of your right arm, twisting at the waist. Think of cinching the waist as you slightly bend forward to engage your abs, keeping the opposite arm out in the bent position. Extend your leg down to tap the ground while your arm moves back to the side at the 90-degree angle, then bring it right back in front to where the knee meets the elbow. Bring a bounce to your step for seamless transition. Repeat this twice.

“After repeating this set 4x, alternate to the other side by bringing your right knee up to meet the elbow of the left arm. Feel free to incorporate music and move to the best of your favorite dance songs!”



Move 2: Waist Twisters

“Begin with basic jumping jacks, bringing both feet wide and moving your arms up to each side to touch above your head. Jump your feet back in and allow your arms to purposefully move back down to your sides. Repeat this step 2x.

“On the second jumping jack, bend elbows and bring your forearms up so they hit parallel to the floor at your chest. Jump and twist your lower body to the right side while your arms move to the left. Jump and twist to the other side, with the arms moving to the opposite direction. While twisting, think of wringing out your body at the waist. Repeat 2x.

“Jump again and bring your arms down at your side, facing front to repeat the entire series starting with jumping jacks. Repeat series 8x. To prevent injury as you jump, make sure you roll through the entire foot and not just bounce on your toes.”



Move 3: Cardio Obliques

“Standing with your legs apart a bit further than hip distance, bend the right knee and bring it into a cross in front of the body, so the ankle meets the knee of the left standing leg. Extend the knee straight and bring the toes to touch the ground, and bend the left leg. Take a bounce to this step so it becomes fluid.

“Incorporating your arms, bend both elbows so your forearms are in front of you and parallel to the floor. As you bend and step out with your right leg, push your right arm down to the side of you and raise your left elbow. When you bring your right ankle in to hit at your left knee, push your left hand down to the side and crunch into your side waist on the left. Whenever you push your arms down, think of resisting, then hitting a full extension at the bottom with a flat palm, while cinching at the waist when moving side to the side. Repeat 8x per side.”



Move 4: High Knee Crunch

“Standing tall with your feet together, bring your forearms up to chest height, so your arms are bent at the elbow in front of you and parallel to the floor.

“Adding a bounce, bend your right knee and bring it up as high as possible in front of your body towards your chest. Tuck your pelvis slightly to allow for more range of motion. Extend your elbows to push straight out away from your sternum, while bringing your chest down to meet the knee. Keep your abs engaged as you move, thinking of sending your belly button to your spine so you fully utilize the crunch.

“Continue to bounce as you switch your knees from the right to the left. Repeat the series 8x.”


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