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Shanina Shaik Does 100 Sit-Ups Every Day

Plus, the beverage she has each morning and her foolproof jet lag remedy.

Shanina Shaik Does 100 Sit-Ups Every Day
Ben Ritter

We would give anything to spend a day with a supermodel and witness everything she did in a solid 24 hours. Who doesn’t love to peer into the healthy habits of the beautiful and fit? When model Shanina Shaik invited us to tailgate her around New York, we took all of our liberties to document every part of it. Particularly the exercise she does 100 times a day, her ultimate refuel, the trick she’s learned for getting over jet lag by way of her career, and why being “well” is more than just about diet and exercise.


What wellness means to her:

“Wellness to me means looking after yourself. It’s what makes you happy, from the food that you eat to skincare to what you surround yourself with. Those three are very important to me. I think it’s about taking care of your body and who you are and finding out what works for you and makes you happy.”

How it’s changed over the years:

“I’ve learned a lot about myself through my job and career—especially with traveling. You don’t know how much traveling can take a toll on your body. I learned to take vitamins everywhere I go and to drink lots of water. Everyone is different, even with workouts; I find that I’ve copied people’s workouts and it doesn’t work for me and my body, and it doesn’t make me feel satisfied. It’s about finding out the things that work for me. It’s just age and learning about myself.”

The jet lag remedy:

“I try to take a melatonin—it’s a natural sleeping tablet. That is the best thing when I’m in a different place or country. Sleep is important, so when I’m on the plane I try to get as much as I can.”


The one healthy thing she has to have every day:

“Water is a necessity of mine. It’s really important, especially with traveling. I’ve learned that when I don’t drink enough water, I become dehydrated and it makes me not well. Water also helps with your skin and with energy. I defend my water. I also have a green juice a day, I say! A vegetable-based green juice boosts my energy and keeps me feeling healthy and strong.”

She’ll try anything once:

“One time I went to a Russian spa. When you go into the sauna, it’s ridiculously hot and they have someone in there beat you with a branch, like a tree! It’s supposed to release toxins. I don’t really feel like that, I just felt like I was being beaten by a bush. I could go home to Australia and do that myself. [Laughs]”

Even for beauty:

“Doing a lymphatic drainage is kind of weird. It really does work, though. It’s an amazing process, but it’s really important to go to someone that’s trained. That is probably one of the craziest things I’ve tried.”

She indulges sometimes, too:

“Definitely chocolate and ice cream—chocolate chip cookie dough! I am huge dessert fan. That is my kryptonite. I’m in big trouble if I see dessert.”


Her go-to workout routine (and the move she does 100 times):

“I really enjoy any type of Pilates-like moves. Adding leg weights while working on Pilates moves creates a harder and more intense workout. I challenge myself and try to do 100 Pilates ab crunches without any pauses. You really feel the burn! You always have to make sure you’re not using your neck and allowing your core to do all the work.”

The post-workout beauty routine she’s dedicated to:

“I like to use Neutrogena facial oil cleanser. It balances out your skin. It just removes any impurities that come out during your workout so that I don’t have breakouts.”

What she refuels with:

“A good protein shake is really great. Anywhere I can find a juice bar is great for me to just have a snack or to energize me. I love a kale, spinach, avocado, blueberry, almond butter, vanilla almond milk and chocolate protein powder from Liquiteria.”

Her chill-out method:

“I love my sleep! I don’t get much when I’m traveling for work. Netflix and chill, always.”

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