On The Road

Dior Packed a Train Full of Beauty Products & Fashion Girls, and This Is What Happened

There was also a parrot! Sonya Esman took us along.

By: Laurel Pantin

We know this all sounds too French, too dreamy, too perfect to actually be true—but it is. This summer, Dior rounded up some of their favorite gals, packed them into an old-school train (banish all thoughts of Penn Station or the Long Island Railroad—this was not that kind of train), and drove that train straight to Arles, in the South of France, for the annual photography exhibition Rencontres Arles, and to fete Dior’s outstanding beauty line. Oh, and the man behind it, the equally outstanding Peter Philips.

And lucky for us, Sonya Esman offered to bring us along on the journey. Watch her video below of what happened on the trip, and click through the images to see what exactly was going on with that parrot.


“When we arrived to Arles, we were both taken aback and thrilled to find a parrot casually chilling in the trees at our hotel. I had two parrots growing up, so my nostalgic ways were satiated.”

“My new buddy, the friendliest French parrot hanging at the Dior house in Arles.”

“Dinner the first night in Arles with my Gemini constellation DIOR clutch—which matches my Gemini constellation tattoo.”

“All aboard the Dior Beauty train! The journey, for me personally, is always one of the best, most memorable parts of the trip.”

“Ticketed passengers only! P.S. How cute is this lip gloss by Dior? It’s ridiculously moisturizing and reminds me of the ’90s!”

“When Fanny handed us lunch on the train, I had to be one of THOSE people; the ones that make everyone drop their forks until I get the shot.”

“On our first full day in Arles, we joined the LUMA foundation and Dior in honor of Annie Leibovitz for a picnic under the trees.”

“Lunch with the Luma Foundation & Dior in honor of Annie Leibovitz in Arles, France.”

“Exploring the beautiful city of Arles right before sunset and the final intimate dinner with Dior Beauty.”

“When the sun in the South of France had me unprepared—this after-sun lotion did wonders for my skin.”

“At the Art of Color exhibition in Arles with Dior Beauty.”

“This photo was taken in the days when Photoshop wasn’t an option, so that makes you appreciate the details, the rawness and complexity of all the colors and products.”

“Meeting Peter Phillips at the Art of Color Exhibition for the second time. Such an inspiration!”

“After the exhibition we walked, or rather frantically ran, around the city of Arles, accidentally walking into other art exhibitions, a river and architecture that I still remember perfectly.”

“The City of Arles felt to me like a hybrid between Spain and Italy. Quaint, authentic and rich in art.”

“Playing pretend that you’re a local is personally one of my favorite things to do while traveling to a new city. We walked into another gallery’s exhibition and hurdled through the people, danced along to the music, spoke any French we knew, snapped a photo and ran to the next spot.”

“After lunch—you nap. It’s a rule.”

“My beautiful little Dior bag at the lunch in Arles.”

“Xenia and I hanging out by the pool after Lunch with Dior Beauty and the LUMA foundation.”

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