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How to Update Your All-Black Wardrobe

A former Vogue editor gave us a lesson in Californication.

How to Update Your All-Black Wardrobe

Emily Holt had the job everyone who works in fashion dreams of: being an editor at Vogue. But after four years at the legendary publication, she left for California and opened up her new store, Hero Shop. Taking an unexpected path seems to be a theme this week (Jan Quammie, InStyle Germany’s fashion director, also talked with us about leaving the city but for Munich) and Emily’s closet is clearly influenced by her fashion editor past and her new, more laid-back lifestyle. Emily is the perfect example of why it’s best to not pick favorites, and so we’ve broken down how to get the best of both coasts below.


Wear all-black like a New Yorker.

Emily Holt may have moved from downtown Manhattan to San Francisco, but she did happen to take some New York values with her, like dressing in all-black. It’s a look that never fails to make you seem pulled together, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t always looking for an excuse to add more black to our closet.


But don’t forget to add a pop of color like they do in California.

The first and second outfit Emily wore when we visited her closet were like night and dayall black and then a yellow skirt and a pair of leopard print blue-lensed sunglasses. Maybe that’s the California talking, but heywe’re listening.


And always keep some statement pieces in your closet.

From leopard-print flats to magenta mules to tassel earrings, Emily’s closet was filled with subtle statement pieces. They were just enough to add a little something to her pared-down outfits and a reminder that a good patterned skirt or statement earring can completely transform a look no matter what coast youre on. 

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