What Fashion Editors Wear to Work in the Summer

And everything else we can’t stop talking about this week.

What Fashion Editors Wear to Work in the Summer

This week on “Open Tabs”—an assortment of links we have on our open tabs for the week—we’re giving you a peek into our own Internet habits and the stories and themes we can’t seem to stop talking about, like Target and non-dairy butters... But not Game of Thrones. Sorry. 


1. 15 Things That Were Cool in the ’90s But Would Never Fly in 2017 (via Bustle)

Although the ’90s are having a comeback, let’s kindly leave some of these in the past... 


2. Chanel’s New Boots Are So On Trend (via Who What Wear)

We’re predicting they sell out tomorrow. 


3. The Truth about Shopping at Target (via Olivia Muenter)

“You step inside those brightly lit, red-and-white accented halls and you feel relaxed, tranquil even. Like someone happily splashing in the ocean, unaware that they’re about to be pulled into a strong and ultimately deadly rip current, you both have no idea what’s about to hit you and are all too familiar with the danger.


4. The new designer-curated vintage installation at Bergdorf Goodman that you’ll be hearing all about. 

Hint: it’s curated by Elizabeth and James


5. Office Apropos: 20 Warm-Weather Outfits We Wore Last Week (via Man Repeller)

What fashion editors wear to work—HR-approved.


6. The Hairstyle We’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long (via Stylecaster)

This Chrissy Teigen-approved style is perfect for beating the humidity


7. The (non-dairy!) “butter” that’s keeping my Instagram feed looking happy and pink. 

So fresh. So clean. 

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