French Girls Are Apparently Obsessed with a Hairstyle Inspired By a Banana

Go figure!

By: Laurel Pantin

When it comes to beauty, it seems that French girls say “jump” and Americans say “how high?” Seriously—is there anything more alluring than that classic pout and heavy-lidded eyes peeking out from below dense bangs that are highlighted *just so*? Non.

In our eternal search to make styling our hair that much easier, the messy, sexy French-girl approach is one weve turned to time and time again. Which is why, when we heard our friends abroad were obsessively searching the terms “messy” and “easy” on Pinterest and pinning the “Banana Bun,” we wanted in.


While the name isn’t...the most appealing...the style is. It’s a slightly messier version of your standard low bun, and all it takes is rolling your hair up from the ends to the nape of your neck and securing it with a few pins. Voilà, effortless French-girl cool.