Linda Rodin Makes a Convincing Argument for Traveling On Your Own

One solo trip ended up changing her life. In collaboration with TUMI.

As someone who rarely even goes to get lunch by themselves, traveling somewhere solo has never been on my bucket list. But Linda Rodin makes a convincing argument as to why I should give it a go. When the fashion icon and beauty company founder was just 18 years old, she decided to hop on a plane to Sicily, Italy, by herself, to visit a boyfriend. And, as she says in a recent interview on behalf of TUMI, the experience changed her life.

Despite never having flown before (and without learning a word of Italian), Linda ended up falling in love with the culture there. Even today, she finds herself connected to the country; she admits to feeling very Italian, and coincidentally, one of the oils she sells, neroli, was named for the orange-loving princess of Nerola, Italy. The passionate way Linda talks about her experience definitely has me daydreaming of my own Eat, Pray, Love journey. If you need me, I’ll be here browsing flights.


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