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Is This the Song of the Summer?

Between Demi Lovato, Jay-Z and Justin Bieber, the hits just keep on coming.

Is This the Song of the Summer?

Sure, scent may be strongly tied to memory, but nothing brings us back quite like a good song—especially those we play on repeat during the summer. Theres pretty much always a story associated with tunes like Call Me Maybe” or even (holy throwback) LFOs “Summer Girls,” which never ceases to bring us back to our happy place, when things were carefree and we were just kids.

So now, the question remains: Whats summer 2017s biggest anthem? What will be the song well play on repeat 10 years from now, because it reminds us of that time with those friends and the drinks and the fun? Our editors have a few suggestions, ahead—some new and some “oldies”—which we of course compiled into the perfect playlist for all your listening needs.


Demi Lovato, “Sorry Not Sorry”

“I overused the hashtag #sorrynotsorry back in 2013, so I didn’t expect to be a *huge* fan of this song...but I most definitely am. While I’ve been in a committed relationship for over 5 years, it immediately brought me back to post-breakup days, where I wanted to look super hot and leave my ex filled with regret (boy, BYE). It’s a pretty empowering tune, and I plan on making up sexy dances to it alone in my apartment. Welcome back to being on repeat, Demi Lovato (seriously, I clicked repeat on Spotify and had it play, like, 47 times).” —Samantha Sutton, editor


Kimbra, “Goldmine”

“This is the ultimate song for strutting down the street in a cute sundress feeling all sorts of fly. The second it comes on I just radiate confidence, which, to me, is the best reason to find a summer anthem.” —Hannah Baxter, assistant editor


Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber, “Despacito”

“Not to be the most predictable person ever, but I CAN’T STOP with this song. Which is a problem because I can’t dance at all, but also can’t stop myself from dancing when it comes on.” —Laurel Pantin, editorial director


A.CHAL, “Love N Hennessy”

“To me, a summer song is one you can chill out and BBQ to. Lately I’ve been listening to A.CHAL’s entire album on repeat while I tan and cook with friends on my rooftop. ‘Love N Hennessy’ is by far my most listened-to song on the album, and my friends have become hooked as well. I know for a fact that I won’t be getting sick of this one anytime soon.” —Jodi Taylor, assistant editor


Frank Ocean, feat. Jay-Z & Tyler the Creator, “Biking”

“Favorite song for my favorite summertime activity: outdoor morning runs. Mellow, but not too mellow, it’s the perfect first song for my running playlist. Though would be that much better if I loved biking, but riding in the city terrifies me!” —Caryn Prime, managing editor


Michael Kiwanuka, “Cold Little Heart”

“I, like you, first heard this song in the interlude to Big Little Lies, and quickly Googled who it was by. It’s been on repeat ever since, and no rosé-in-hand lakeside weekend is without it.” —Noah Lehava, senior editor


Jay-Z, feat. Damian Marley, “Bam”

“Everyone’s been bobbing their heads to Hov’s latest certified platform album 4:44—proving for the millionth time that he’s straight-up genius. ‘Bam’ is just one of those tracks I can play anywhere, anytime to uplift my mood and spirit, which is exactly what I need during the summertime.” —Tahmina Choudhury, editorial intern


Mac DeMarco, “Blue Boy”

“Admittedly, this isn’t new–it came out in 2014–but I haven’t been on top of the music scene since college, so I only find new songs I love thanks to Shazam when I’m somewhere in Brooklyn. This song is super beachy and sweet…and so short that you have to listen to it on repeat to really satisfy you. I’ve probably looped it 20 times in a row.” —Katie Becker, contributing beauty editor


Toro y Moi, “Girl Like You”

“This track was released in June as a teaser to Toro y Moi’s album Boo Boo (which dropped last Friday, if you weren’t aware). It’s pure easy listening—breezy, ambient, and just the right amount of catchy. Actually, the technical term is chillwave, according to Spotify genres. What could be more summer? Brb, downloading the entire album.” —Klara Kobylinski, editorial intern


Washed Out, “Hard To Say Goodbye”

“Washed Out just returned with a new album that’s bringing me back to my ‘chillwave’ craze from 2009. It’s a lounge vibe that makes me feel like I should be sipping a cosmo while I sit back and enjoy on a summer night. I can’t stop listening since I first heard!” —Sri Stewart, editorial production intern


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