How One L.A. Actress Looks Amazing Even in 100+ Degree Heat

How One L.A. Actress Looks Amazing Even in 100+ Degree Heat

Westworld’s Lili Simmons knows how to avoid a summer breakout.

Tristan Kallas

Oh, L.A., the land of $15 green juices, powdered shrooms, and exotic-labeled, tincture-stocked apothecaries promising internal and eternal health. And 365 days of summer. It’s the land of the free-spirited and... actors. Lili Simmons happens to embody it all. She’s the beautiful face you’ll recognize from binge series like Banshee, Westworld, and Ray Donovan, who’s equal parts morning chanter (it is what you thinkstay tuned for our Get Well column with her next month) and 4K HD TV regular. For the latter part of her persona, makeup is a prerequisite of the job. Ergo, so is melting foundation in the summertime. But Simmons knows a thing or three about managing the L.A. sun. So while sitting poolside, we took the liberty of asking her how else she stays cool, protected, and dewy all summer long.


Her biggest summer beauty woe:

“When it’s hot out and you have to wear makeup for work. Let’s just say, foundation and heat do not go well together. It’s a recipe for a breakout! I try and keep my face as makeup-free as possible, but, of course, for work I can’t avoid it. I carry makeup wipes in my bag and for me, a good foundation is key! Chantecaille is my favorite.”

For her oily skin, it’s the bare minimum:

“I have naturally oily skin, so I use a very light moisturizer for morning and night. Also, a light foundation with some SPF.”


She’ll tag-team SPF for her face and body:

“I use Elta MD UV Clear for my facea recommendation from my dermatologistand then Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen all over my body!”

There’s only one product she uses for summer hair:

“All I do is wash, air-dry, and use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.”

She simplifies her routine for the summer:

“I’ll just try and wear less makeup during the summer. Maybe just some eyeliner and mascara.”


If she were stuck on a blissful deserted island:

“I’d take lip balm, SPF, moisturizer, and a hairbrush!”

Her nails always have to be right:

“I LOVE getting my nails done. I’m a nail art dork!”

What summer smells like to her:

“Anything from Le Labo!”


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