July 2017 Horoscopes: Pisces

July 2017 Horoscopes: Pisces


Hannah Becker

As a Pisces, you’re used to being in your feelings, but the waves of emotion from healing asteroid Chiron turning retrograde in your sign on the 1st still take you by surprise. When Jupiter in your death, sex, and money house links up with Neptune in your sign on the 5th, you realize there’s something you haven’t quite gotten over after all. The best way to deal with it? Go full witch. Write it down and burn it, or light a candle for the memories.

On the 9th, an ambitious Capricorn full moon in your connection zone puts you into networking overdrive. Thanks to Pluto in league with the new moon, whoever you meet now could hold the keys to your professional future. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up to them! When love goddess Venus squares off with Neptune on the 17th, you could be offered a tempting distraction, but don’t take the bait. The Leo new moon arrives with a change to your daily grind that’s more fun than you’ve had in a very long time. Once the August eclipse arrives, things just keep getting better.

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