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This Teen Dancer Turned Model Has Plans to Be the Next Kate Moss

Larsen Thompson is ready to walk the runway.

This Teen Dancer Turned Model Has Plans to Be the Next Kate Moss
Alec Kugler

Ever watch those viral videos of talented teen dancers? Then you’ve likely seen Larsen Thompson doing her thing. To put it simply, the girl’s got moves—ones that have landed her on TV shows and, more recently, in a music video for Katy Perry. But something happens when someone starts studying their craft at the age of four: they get curious, and begin making plans to branch out.

That’s why Larsen, now 16, has been dipping her toes into the world of modeling, landing gigs for Dior, Fendi, and even the teen brand Hollister. With fiery red hair and doll-like features, it doesn't take long to understand this new path.

“Dance has opened up so many doors for me,” Larsen tells me when we meet at the Arlo Nomad hotel in NYC. “With modeling, it’s all poses and movements. Since dance is my background, it’s helped so much.”

In many ways, Larsen is still 100 percent “teen”: giggly, bubbly—and she doesn’t even drink coffee! But at the same time, she’s got g-o-a-l-s. Currently, she’s taking acting classes, and would like to try out singing. Plus, if you don’t spot her on the runway this year—“My ultimate goal!” she admits—there are plenty more campaigns and photo shoots lined up in her near future.

Clearly, it’s time to get better acquainted with this triple (quadruple? quintuple?) threat before she’s everywhere, so read on for a few facts about Larsen that’ll have you saying “I knew her when…”


One gig started it all:

“About two years ago, I signed with Next Models and went more into the modeling world. I did my first dance-inspired fashion thing with Forward by Elise Walker, and was able to do video work where I mixed my dance, fashion and modeling all in one. It was my favorite thing to do and I was like, ‘See?! I can do everything I do in one thing!’ I’m able to travel the world, and it’s been amazing. I’m obsessed with fashion.”

She’s ready to walk:

“I really want to end up walking the runway. Last year I was 15, so I was a little too young, but I got asked to do a bunch of shows in Paris. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is crazy!’ Now that I’m 16, I’m hoping to be able to.”

Her icon? Kate Moss, of course:

“She’s my inspiration because she was 5'7" and just gorgeous and she was able to do everything. I’m 5'6.5", almost 5'7", but still growing. My doctor’s like, ‘You still have hope! You’re still growing, girl! Keep going.’”


Her hair requires little maintenance:

“I literally jump in the shower, shampoo and conditioner, jump out, and let it air-dry. I put in a leave-in conditioner and that’s it. Everyone thinks I have a magical plan of what I do with my hair, but I really don’t do anything! I get trims now and then, but I never want to cut my hair. I never want to dye my hair. It’s my signature.”

She’s got a bit of a shoe addiction:

“I have so many pairs of shoes, like fifty to sixty. It’s so bad. My clothes don’t even fit in my closet—I have some in the laundry room, in the garage, my mom’s room. Shoes are my favorite thing because you could have such a simple outfit, then you put shoes on and your outfit is incredible.”

But prefers jeans over a gown:

“This gown from Zac Posen is something I’d wear to prom, but I’m shooting for Coveteur—I need to wear something amazing! But on the daily I’m in jeans. I’m more of a chill person. My Fendi slides—just whatever.”


Her go-to workout? Dance (duh):

“I work out every day. Even though I’m not dancing as much anymore, it’s still in me, so I’ll just freestyle in my room. I love to box, so I’ve been boxing a lot, and I run about two miles almost every morning. I love to stay active.”

She’ll occasionally break it down at parties:

“Shaun Ross will pull me into the middle of a Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party or a Nylon Young Hollywood party and have me dance. He’ll be like, ‘Larsen, break a move!’ Then I just do something small and I walk off. At first, it’s really embarrassing, and then when I walk off I’m like, ‘That was fun! I did that! I feel good.’ Dance makes me feel so happy.”

Dress, Zac Posen; Hair and makeup, Christina Aprile; Stylist, Andrew Gelwicks

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