Yes, Denim Shorts Can Look Polished (And Still Be Comfortable!)

Yes, Denim Shorts Can Look Polished (And Still Be Comfortable!)

These are the pairs we’re buying this summer.

Perfect denim shorts are, paradoxically, a staple for summertime getaways and impossible to find. Theyre either too short, too fussy, too distressed, too long, too tight—too a lot of things. Luckily, we love nothing more than discovering new labels and must-have styles from our co-workers, so that’s exactly who we turned to when it was time to trade out our trusty jeans for the warmer season. Whether you like a vintage high-rise or a low-slung cutoff, these are the six pairs that Cov staffers swear by.

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Levi’s 501 Shorts

“Call me a grandma, but when I look for a denim short, I’m all about coverage—aka zero butt-cheek visibility. Before my trip to Coachella (where I knew I would need to dress for the scorching heat), I picked up these classics and couldn’t be more pleased. They’re comfortable, versatile, and something I know I won’t be tugging at every second throughout the day, but—and here’s the catch!—I also fall under the “petite” category, and reviews say that sizing varies, so just try them on before you buy.” —Samantha Sutton
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