Everything You Need to Serve ’80s Glam

Everything You Need to Serve ’80s Glam

Is there a better time period to eternalize?

Richie Khan’s closet made us realize we were missing a lot of things from our own. Namely more glitter, sparkle and glam. Let’s be real, who doesn’t need a little 80s revival every now and then? From the very sequined slip to the very high platform to the very perfect tasseled necklace, we want more of everything, inspired by Richie of course. Here are a couple of pretty things we can’t wait to wear and that we think would make him proud.


There are two types of dresses in this world: sparkly and sequined

Our alternative to the denim skirt this summer is a little more fun with a bit more sass. These dresses can easily be worn from day to nightthat is, if you’re willing to bring a little more glam to the office than most people are used to.


 Sneakers are comfortable, but high heels, platforms and boots were MADE for walking (and strutting)

By now, chances are we’ve already worn our sneakers with every outfit imaginable, from the simple jeans and t-shirt to the formal LBD. So why not switch it up and add a little height while you’re at it?


 No look is complete without absolutely over-the-top accessories

If there was a motto for all of the closets that we get to visit, it would definitely be more is more is more. The same can be said about accessorizing. Two necklaces are better than one necklace, and one necklace is better when it has jewels, tassels and all the colors of the rainbow.

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