Why You Should Buy Everything You Love in Multiples

Who says being indecisive was a bad thing?

Why You Should Buy Everything You Love in Multiples

Eva Dunford founded the Wayhome Music Festival in Canada, and, as we saw this year with Fyre Festival (too soon?), putting together a full festival weekend complete with thousands of people and a curated lineup isn’t exactly easy. This year’s Wayhome headliners alone include Frank Ocean, Solange, and Banks, so clearly Eva knows what she’s doing—and the same goes for her style. She owns Balmain jackets in eight different colorways and Supreme sweatshirts in every color available. Noticing a pattern here? Us too. And it definitely has us rethinking our buying rules.

Evas best styling secret is perfect for the indecisive, since it involves very little decision making: If she loves something, she buys it in every color, and sometimes, multiple in the same color, just in case. Here’s what Eva taught us and what she inspired us to buy.


Buy all of the colorways and even stock up on the same one while you’re at it

Whenever you see the option for “more colors” online, no longer feel the need to sit down and really analyze what would look best with what you have in your closet. Just buy them all and avoid that tough decision-making process altogether! Most of what Eva owns in multiple colorways are blazers, jackets, tees, and sweatshirts—all versatile pieces that truly do go with everything.


Pearls are a classic that can be worn whenever, wherever

Even if Eva is a self-proclaimed Supreme addict, she also loves the timeless elegance of pearls. She would probably even wear them with a sweatshirt. “I’m a strong believer in piecing your outfit with classics. It’s all about wearing what you love with anything.”


On a bad day, a statement purse can fix anything

Eva’s first bag was a classic Louis Vuitton, and she also has an impressive collection of Goyard (in every color, of course). She’s a firm believer that a good purse fixes everythingand we totally get it. There’s nothing better than stashing your essentials in an accessory you adore. Even if your cell is ringing all day with calls you have to take or youre rooting around for tissues because of a cold that won’t go away, reaching into your favorite tote, bucket, satchel, or mini-backpack is the best. If not for anything but for that moment when you look at it and think, “You’re so pretty.”

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