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What You’ll Find in Five Editors’ Beach Bags

Sunglasses, sunscreen and….a Gucci scarf?

What You’ll Find in Five Editors’ Beach Bags

As soon as spring fades to summer and temperatures rise above 70, everyone starts running to the beach with sunscreen in hand, glasses on head and swimsuit underneath their workwear. This past weekend alone, it felt as though the entirety of New York could be found on Rockaway beach with a taco, a six pack and absolutely no concern for the workweek ahead. And although thinking of the beach elicits cliched images of the ocean breeze blowing in our hair and the sand slipping in between our toes, trying to look cute while sweating and lathered in sunscreen is no easy feat. Here is what we’re packing for a sunny weekend getaway from the very practical sunscreen to the very luxurious Gucci, to the very clever (and embroidered) straw bag.


Tara Gonzalez

Assistant Editor

1. Eugenia Kim Carlotta Black Straw Bag: From Jane Birkin to Alexa Chung, a straw tote bag is the boho accessory of girls I wish I was and whose style I’d like to steal. It also immediately makes me think of summer. It’s laid-back and looks perfect on the arm of anyone, especially if they also happen to be in a bikini. This Eugenia Kim bag is perfect; not only is it black straw, which you don’t see often, the white Rebel embroidery adds a little edge to the beach.

2. Illesteva Vinyl Sunglasses: I recently rewatched Midnight in Paris and realized, like Owen Wilson’s character, I’m often romanticizing about the past. What if I grew up in the ’60s? Lived in the ’70s?! Went to concerts in the ’80s?! I have tons of books with vintage photographs of everyone from Brigitte Bardot to Twiggy, and they all seemed to own a pair of white mod sunglasses. These Illesteva ones feel from another time, but they also have never been more of the moment.

3. Araks Melika One-Piece: I like to tan in the summer, so I often don’t buy one-pieces. Yet I cannot stop revisiting this one and wishing it was mine. I think it’d be perfect to wear at the end of the summer once I’m already (hopefully) sun-kissed. Plus, I could easily slip a shirt or shorts on top to make it wearable year-round. My favorite part, though? Easily the fact that it’s sealed on the back with a bow.


Noah Lehava

Senior Editor: Health & Wellness

1. Stevie Tuk Tuk Tote: This is just cute, and I want it. That is all.

2. Sian White Swimsuit: White swimsuits freak me out! A) White isn’t as forgiving as black. B) White, when wet, also has the potential to reveal a little *too* much. But then again, to me, there is nothing more summer-y and chic than a blindingly white one-piece. Lucky, this one from Sian is neither unflattering, nor does it go see-through when wet, and so it’s my perfect swimmer.

3. Hampton Sun Lip Gelee SPF 30: I have the most sensitive lips, so protecting them is a non-negotiable, especially during summer. I love this one because it doesn’t actually ~feel~ like sunscreen for my lips. 


Hannah Baxter

Assistant Editor

1. Solid and Striped Jennifer Cutout Swimsuit: All I want out of a swimsuit is to feel like a 90s beach vixen jogging in slow motion. If you agree, meet this knockout Solid and Striped one-piece. I’m also obsessed with the hardware on the side—a little extra skin to compensate for the more modest neckline.

2. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist: Sunshine and saltwater dry out your skin like crazy, so I need something that gives me a boost of hydration, away from my typical arsenal of products. The coconut-water base is extra soothing, and the rosy scent is much-needed after I’ve been sweating all day.

3. Snowe Beach Towel: As much as I love the beach, I don’t necessarily enjoy lying in sand all day long. Snowe’s adorable striped towels are super wide, so you can keep all your gear protected and your buns sand-free.


Samantha Sutton


1. Pineapple Tumbler: Whether it’s holding water or some sort of cocktail, this baby is going in my bag—and probably ending up in a million Instagram pictures.

2. Marysia Mexico Scalloped Swimsuit: If I’m spending the day at the beach, I’m definitely trying to go to dinner or drinks before heading home, so my swimsuit should be something that I can easily style into an outfit. Not only will this black scalloped one-piece pass as a bodysuit when paired with a skirt or shorts, it’ll also help me test out the sleeved bathing suit.

3. Gucci Printed Silk Twill Scarf: I wear neck scarves a lot, but I plan on using this baby as a headband, tying my (probably messy) hair back after a day spent swimming in the water.


Jodi Taylor

Assistant Editor

1. Nannacay Baby Roge Pom Pom Tote: I haven’t stopped thinking about this bag since I laid eyes on it. The perfect size for my phone, headphones and sunscreen.

2. Evian Facial Spray: By no means is this a new product, but it’s definitely a new addiction of mine. I have a rooftop patio with a mini fridge, and my favorite thing to do is keep it in there while I am tanning. An icy-cold mist beats a warm one.

3. Gucci Square Sunglasses: I have never (ever) been one for square sunglasses, or sparkly ones for that matter, until I came across these guys. These need to be on my face, stat.

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