What We’re Gifting Our Dads for Father’s Day

Don't panic if you waited until the last minute.

By: Hannah Baxter

Does anyone else think that finding the perfect gift for your dad is borderline impossible? It seems like they already have everything they could ever need. But that’s the best part of holidays dedicated to celebrating the favorite men in our lives—they’re not about NEEDING something. It’s about a sometimes frivolous, always fun token of our appreciation for being there for us, always. Whatever makes your dad special, whether he moonlights as an amateur DJ or he can whip up a perfect cappuccino, it’s the thought behind the gift that makes it special. In case you need a bit more inspiration, check out what Coveteur editors are picking up for their dads this Father’s Day.


“My dad is a techie wizard, and also the coolest person ever. He’s really specific and difficult to shop for, but usually some kind of fun, interesting toy is a safe bet. This year, I’m going to send him a neat drone. He rides motorcycles in competitions in the Texas Hill Country, so I can also see him playing with this with his motorcycle buddies out there.” —Laurel Pantin

“I really prefer gifting experiences instead of physical purchases—they always make for a better story and happy memories. Luckily, my dad is a New York native and visits quite often, so I love finding fun things to do in the city. He’s golf-obsessed, so an afternoon at the Chelsea Piers driving range is perfect for him.” —Hannah Baxter

“My dad’s one vice is coffee. Honestly, he hardly treats himself to anything but treats everyone else to everything. But coffee, for him, is something he can have at any time of day but loves it most after dinner. If it isn’t piping hot, he hands it off to me. He gets such pleasure out of making fancy cappuccinos and lattes for guests when my mom hosts—and when I ask him to make me one during a Sunday morning visit. Which is why, a sparkly upgrade to his current espresso machine is exactly what I know he will love.” —Noah Lehava

“I look forward to Father’s Day every year—my sister and I have a great relationship with our dad and love spending time with him. My dad’s an outdoors guy: he likes to boat, fish, BBQ, read about every new invention, crack a beer after a long day (he turned our old mini fridge into a keg fridge—genius), and it feels as though he is always fixing or building something in the garage. Every year, we like to do some sort of activity or experience with him, and this year we have decided to have a BBQ. We’ll be cooking up a bunch of different meats (my dad is totally the guy to trick you into eating something crazy like kangaroo by telling you it’s steak) and some veg to accompany it. For drinks, the fridge will be stocked with beer and Caesars (Canadian!)—my dad is an avid Caesar drinker, extra spicy of course.” —Jodi Taylor

“My dad develops new interests and goals every few years (wait...is that where I get it from?) and this year, his thing is—wait for it—DJing. He’s turned my old bedroom into a studio with all sorts of mixing equipment and speakers, and he even has his own website. While I’ll probably help update that this weekend and market him as a dad-j (where he comes to parties dressed in dad jeans, dad shoes, and a dad hat, because I think that sounds both hilarious and brilliant), I also want to gift him these noise-canceling headphones, so he can get to work, blasting his music anywhere, anytime.” —Samantha Sutton

“My dad has actually explicitly asked for this one (how else do you shop for your dad?). This little device hooks to your keys, wallet, or whatever it is you tend to lose, and you can hunt it down using an app on your phone. Alternatively, if you’re missing your phone, you can use your Trackr to make your phone ring. Like many gifts I give, this one is also really for me. No one in our family has a particularly strong memory, and we’re all prone to tearing the house apart when we can’t find our phones or key, which is…often. So not only will this save us time and heartache the next time I visit, but I’ll probably order an extra few for myself.” —Katie Becker