Shanina Shaik Is Keeping Her Wedding Details Hush-Hush

Shanina Shaik Is Keeping Her Wedding Details Hush-Hush

But the model told us how she’s prepping her skin and streamlining her workouts ahead of the big day.

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What would you ask Shanina Shaik if you had 10 minutes with her? You’d probably want to know what highlighter she’s using on her cheekbones that’s giving her that glow  *just so*, or where she works out and what she does during her 30 minutes at the gym, so you can add it to your routine. That stuff is a given. But what would you ask her if she invited you to hang out for an entire day, like she did with us? Well, first of all, we’d document the hour-by-hour play-by-play from her neighborhood brunch spot to the vegan dish she cooks for dinner and why Manuka honey is at the top shelf of her nighttime routine. And while she’s playing mum, get as much details of her upcoming wedding—like the skin treatments she’s booking and products she’s buying before walking down the aisle.


8:30AM: “Every day I like to wake up and begin my day with coffee.”

9:00AM: “I wash my face to cleanse it. My skin is quite oily, so depending on the season, I adjust how much moisturizer I put on it. I’m fine now, but I find that using too much skincare can flare up your skin. Then, I put a drying serum on my T-zone. I use a calming serum on my face— it just helps with acne scarring, it clears your skin, and it’s a bit moisturizing as well. It’s a favorite of mine.”

9:30AM: “I like yoga and pilates. Those are my favorite workouts. I like SLT, and when I’m in L.A., I like pilates to really strengthen up on the reformer. Y7 has studios in New York and LA. I love it. They play hip-hop, so I like that. I try to go to the gym almost every day. My fiancé helps a lot; he keeps my confidence up and keeps me going. It always helps when you have good girlfriends or your partner to work out with.”


11:00AM: “I go to Egg Shop after a workout with my girlfriends. I usually order The Spandex. It has eggs, quinoa, carrot, avocado, and a bit of a balsamic over it. Then, I have smoked salmon on the side.”

12:30PM: “Typically I am not in New York City for a very long time and [go out of town] for work. But if I’m here, I could be getting ready for an event or trying to catch up with my girlfriends.”


3:00PM: “I’m keeping [my wedding details] to myself, but it’s very exciting. As it gets closer and closer, it’s getting surreal. There is a lot to do. I am consistently very healthy, and I eat quite clean, but as I get closer to the wedding, I’m doing more facials and spa treatments and taking a lot more skincare vitamins. Other than that, it’s just day by day in the planning process to get the wedding done.”

5:00PM: “If not [getting ready for an event], I’m heading home and cooking dinner for myself or getting ready to go out for dinner to meet friends. Otherwise, I’m home and it’s Netflix and chill on the couch.”

6:00PM: “I make a vegan curry for myself and my fiancé, which is really good. I pretty much make everything. I like cooking curries and Mediterranean food, or Jamaican food.”


9:00 PM: “My nighttime routine starts with washing my face. I use a toner, and it really cleans my skin. Then I use a nighttime moisturizer. Estée Lauder has really great nighttime moisturizers, like the Night Repair. I use Manuka honey as well.”

10:00 PM: “Right before bed, I brush my teeth and clean my skin, wash up, and I have my hair in a pony tail. I don’t like to have my hair down when I got to sleep. That’s about it. I hop into bed and watch Netflix. I just finished Girl Boss, so I am trying to find something else to watch now.”

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