Waving Goodbye to Avocados & Hello to Emilio Pucci

This bathing suit is no joke, guys.

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Waving Goodbye to Avocados & Hello to Emilio Pucci

Full disclosure: I used to give my sister shit for how many bathing suits she would buy a year (sorry, Jame). I truly never understood the obsession...until now, that is. I’m not entirely sure what flipped the switch, but suddenly, I have become swimwear-obsessed. On one of my recent swimwear hunts, I came across this Pucci number. To start, the colors are amazing (please imagine those against an ocean backdrop), and then there is the fact that it’s long-sleeved. Of course, I understand this is a tad ridiculous (it is for the warm weather, after all), but at the same time, I also find it so chic. If all I have to do is give up my weekly avocado haul in order to secure this piece, then consider it a done deal. Sorry, avocados—it’s not you, it’s me. 


1 Emilio Pucci Printed Long Sleeved Swimsuit at $890* = 356 avocados at $2.50

*available at Intermix 

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