How Kaia Gerber Really Feels When You Ask about Her Mom

How Kaia Gerber Really Feels When You Ask about Her Mom

Plus, the Snapchat filter she can’t get enough of, her last meal, and number one Netflix obsession.

Alec Kugler

It’s been a minute since we felt on the same wavelength as a 15-year-old, but then again, not every 15-year-old is *quite* like Kaia Gerber. The face of Marc Jacobs Daisy didnt just fill us in on her beauty routine (and her go-to trick for fluffy cool-girl brows)—we also asked her all about her Netflix habits, the last thing she Googled, and what’s currently blaring from her earbuds. Instant “I’m still cool! I still get it! Right?!” reassurance below.


The last thing she Googled:
“Puppies! When I’m stressed out, I just look up photos of puppies. And then everything’s fine. [laughs]”

Her favorite person to follow on Instagram:
“My brother. Or else I don’t know what he’s doing! I look at his story to know where he is.”

Her favorite app:
“Probably Snapchat.”

Her favorite Snap filter:
“You know the one that makes your face really small, but your mouth look huge? I feel like that’s how I’m meant to be, as a person. That’s how I was meant to be born.”

Who she’d swap closets with:
“David Bowie.”

What she’s listening to right now:
“Probably all of Khalid’s album. He’s so good, and he’s the sweetest person in the world—I’m obsessed with him.”


Favorite guilty pleasure:
“I think I’ve watched everything on Netflix. It’s gotten to the point where I go through it, and I’m like, ‘I’ve finished this, I’ve finished this, I’ve finished this...’ I just finished 13 Reasons Why, so now I’m on the hunt for a new show. And I love The Get Down. It’s so good. The set and costumes are amazing.”

What people say when they recognize her:
“They’ll just kind of stop, and be like, ‘Are you Cindy Crawford’s daughter?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m Kaia, nice to meet you, I do have a name.’ But that doesn’t happen too often.”

Her last meal:
“Pasta. Just a bunch of carbs.”

Her dream dinner party guest:
“Audrey Hepburn. One-on-one.”

The biggest misconception about her:
“That I don’t work hard, because I do. I wish people would acknowledge that, and that this hasn’t come easily.”

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