COVeteur Explains COVfefe

COVeteur Explains COVfefe

These are the best theories we found on the internet.

Late last night, Donald Trump left the world scratching their heads...again. And all it took this time was a mere seven letters. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe," the president tweeted (and later deleted) from his account. To which the internet replied: huh?

One can assume that what Trump meant by “covfefe" is “coverage," but since it took him hours to address the mistake—with another tweet, of course—people had a field day, coming up with meanings, posting memes and trying to use the word in a sentence. Since they're still coming (and still hilarious), we're rounding up some of the best, ahead.

The name of the newest Pokémon:

What Hodor ends up saying in Game of Thrones:

Alternative lyrics to "Let It Be":

A Yiddish term:

Another way to say coffee:

A code word:

The aftereffects of drinking:

The name of wizards/magical beings (and possibly the plot to the next Twitter-made movie):

A word that even stumps the dictionary:

This "Russian" translation:

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