COVeteur Explains COVfefe

These are the best theories we found on the internet.

By: Samantha Sutton

Late last night, Donald Trump left the world scratching their heads...again. And all it took this time was a mere seven letters. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” the president tweeted (and later deleted) from his account. To which the internet replied: huh?

One can assume that what Trump meant by “covfefe” is “coverage,” but since it took him hours to address the mistake—with another tweet, of course—people had a field day, coming up with meanings, posting memes and trying to use the word in a sentence. Since they’re still coming (and still hilarious), we’re rounding up some of the best, ahead.



The name of the newest Pokémon:



What Hodor ends up saying in Game of Thrones:



Alternative lyrics to “Let It Be”:


A Yiddish term:


This Urban Dictionary definition:


Another way to say coffee:


A code word:


The aftereffects of drinking:


The name of wizards/magical beings (and possibly the plot to the next Twitter-made movie):


A word that even stumps the dictionary:


This “Russian” translation: