Korea’s Biggest Pop Star Traveled Morocco the Right Way

Wondering if someone can transport us to join singer CL as she roams the streets of Morocco? In collaboration with TUMI.

When TUMI’s campaign video featuring singer-songwriter CL found its way into our inbox, we immediately hit play and found ourselves nodding our heads in agreement throughout the entire length of the video as the South Korean artist gushed about everything from her love for observing other cultures to her attraction to the blue city of Morocco and her passion for self-expression.

Nine times out of ten, when we interview somebody on the topic of inspiration, the conversation immediately turns to traveling and how it can fuel one’s creativity. TUMI’s latest vid for their 19 Degree collection captures that to a T. The video flashes between CL perusing the colorful streets of Morocco, shopping in local jewelry stores, and dancing with the locals against the city skyline. Also, let’s not forget about how much of a badass traveler CL looks as the video shows her perched atop the newest TUMI Short Trip Packing Case in camo pants, studded sandals and pink mirrored sunnies. This video truly gave us all the feels and left us wanting to pack our bags and join cool-girl CL as she took on Morocco.


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