The London-Based Tech Founder With A Fashion Editor Closet

Valerie Stark’s closet has one of the biggest CHANEL collections we’ve ever seen. In collaboration with Huggle.

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Remember when we promised you a better look at new social networking app Huggle, Valerie Stark’s closet? Well, it’s time (and if you’re curious about the Surrey grounds she inhabits, fear not, we’ll soon share a peek into that world too), and what a closet it is.

Stark cares for, and organizes, her wardrobe the way only a true tech innovator would—obsessively, and with an eye for function. Nothing in the massive room she calls a closet is out of place or seems un-considered—there’s even a spare room in the basement filled with Barbour jackets and Wellies in every size and color for guests (we spent the entirety of our eight-hour visit in little cashmere and shearling slippers that fit us exactly).

And while her personal closet was filled with gems like rare CHANEL bags, Valentino gowns, and an embroidered Alexander McQueen jacket, she isn’t precious about any of it, “I’m kind of lazy when it comes to dressing up,” she admits. Well, Valerie, you definitely could have fooled us!