Everything You Need to Style Post-Pool Hair

Going for a dip? Here’s what you’ll need to refresh afterwards (minus the heat tools). In collaboration with Bumble and bumble.

Meagan Wilson
David Razzano, Hair: Erickson A. for Bumble and bumble, Kenny Wu, Set Stylist: Lauren Burge

Allow us to paint an all-too-relatable scenario for you: it’s the dead heat (pun intended) of summer, and you’re straight out of the shower. There’s a very good chance you have precisely zero interest in so much as touching a blow-dryer…only you also want to avoid the flat, frizzy, unkempt thing that all too often comes with skipping it. Sound familiar?

We know firsthand that when your hair looks good, you usually just feel…better. It’s almost like once you have your hair all figured out, everything else kind of falls into place. In this series with Bumble and bumble, we demonstrate how to make that happen without touching a single heat tool. Seriously. Here, our site director, Andee Olson, shows you how to revive even unexpectedly, completely drenched hair (watch the video to see what we mean).


Hopefully when you find yourself post-pool this summer, it will be under slightly different circumstances than the ones shown here. But in the case of even the most unplanned dips in the pool (it happens!), we assure you, relying solely on air-styling is possible—even when your hair is wavy and errs on the side of thick, like Andee’s. Here, the hero products she turns to, to go from sad and deflated back to babely (the movie magic behind disappearing mascara stains not included) in a few steps flat.

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1. For body and light hold, spritz Bumble and bumble Surf Spray throughout lengths of hair, lightly working product through using your hands.


2. For a lightweight, piece-y look, work Bb. Don’t Blow It (Fine) throughout towel-dried hair by squeezing and twisting throughout.


On Andee: Dress, Topshop; Bag, Cult Gaia

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