This Is the Necklace of the Summer

Kinda like the song of the summer but shinier.

This Is the Necklace of the Summer

So we’ve all heard of a song of the summer but what about a necklace of the summer? I’m pretty sure that isn’t real but I’m all about making it a thing. Since we’ve already predicted the song of this summer  I'm just going to go ahead and say Dannijo’s perfect Tempest Multi Strand Choker is the only necklace I need for my warm weather wardrobe. Usually my outfit consists of lots of things and layers and pieces all thrown together and I actually find dressing for summer and spring particularly hard because layering is uncomfortable in the heat but I also don’t know how to dress minimally. To counterbalance the bareness of my neck and shoulders, this necklace would be the perfect statement piece to wear with every crop top, dress and off-the-shoulder blouse I own while also making them feel fun.

It’s impossible not to love everything Dannijo makes (including their newest capsule collection) and the best part is that I don’t feel the need to give up too much in order to afford one of their pieces. Recently I’ve been stopping by Trader Joe’s after work to pick up a $5.99 bouquet. But since there are more flowers blooming everyday I’m willing to give that habit up in order to afford the necklace of my dreams that I hope looks as good on me as it does on Kaia Gerber (or on a photo of her at least).


54 Trader Joe’s Flower Bouquets at $5.99 = 1 Dannijo Tempest Multi-Strand Choker at $320

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