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Bella Thorne Once Tried an Acne Treatment She Calls “The Face Tattoo”

Apparently, it’s just as painful as it sounds.

Bella Thorne Once Tried an Acne Treatment She Calls “The Face Tattoo”
Alec Kugler
Additional reporting
Meagan Wilson
There are some celebrities who attempt to keep their private lives private, never sharing anything aside from what they’re working on. Then, there’s Bella Thorne. The Famous in Love star, who has over 15 million followers on Instagram alone, tends to share some of her most intimate details with the digital world—including, but not limited to, her bikini wax and skin issues.
The fact that Bella isn’t afraid to be herself—despite the criticism she faces from tabloids and Internet trolls—is part of what makes her so great, and these days, she’s inspiring us all to thank the “haters” with a new video for the fitness fashion boutique SIX:02.
When we met up with Bella at an event for the retailer, we had to ask her about it all—the negativity she deals with, her social media life, and any crazy acne treatments she’s tried (we’re looking for solutions, too). Read on for her brutally honest answers, because she doesn’t operate any other way.

Her thoughts on all those negative comments:

“I think that most people like to point out the bad. That’s just more interesting, especially in this tabloid business that we live in. It’s become so much of ‘Ahh, oh no, what is so and so doing?! There’s Bella going braless!’ Everybody is waiting to point out that one thing to create more conversation, and instead of creating positive conversation, they’re creating negative. Instead of being like, ‘Wow, that girl looks really beautiful,’ and getting other people to say the same exact thing, they want to say, ‘No, that girl’s nose is weird,’ or ‘She’s too skinny.’ It’s really unfortunate. I don’t know why people genuinely like to point out negativity. I would say it’s because they are genuinely unhappy people.”

The reason she doesn’t hold back with her posts:

“I don’t draw the line. For me, I know when I'm posting something, someone is going to say some shit about it somewhere in the world. I care to a certain extent, but after I notice myself caring a little too much I’m like, ‘Yo, Bella. You need to calm the fuck down and just wipe your shoulder off for a minute.’ It’s really hard not to care, especially when you’re being yourself. This is my daily life, I’m Snapchating throughout whatever the fuck I’m doing. I just try to be the most me, so that when people see it, they’re like, ‘Oh hey! I do that shit with my friends all of the time. I remember when me and my friend got our first bikini wax. Yeah, that shit hurt!’ Even like, ‘Oh, this girl has acne, I’ve got acne. That’s cool that she’s out about it. She is saying this is okay.’ That’s most of the reason.”


If she’d ever take a break from social media:

“I know there are so many people that are like, ‘I need to take a break from Instagram’ and ‘I don’t want to scroll though my feed today because I don’t want to see what so and so is doing.’ I’m just like, nah. I love socials. You can look at it in a way like, yeah, socials suck if people are shitting on you and people are going out of their way to be mean. But for the most part, you want to think that people want to say nice things and spread positivity. As long as you’re still out there spreading positivity left and right, then it’s like, who cares? Why would you have to step off social media? I hate when people act [superior]. Oh, so what? I’m gross and a bad person because I post every day on Instagram? No dawg, that’s the world we live in. Don’t act like you’re not checking your shit and watching people’s stories to see what they’re doing. I don’t even want to hear it. You guys are liars. Liars.”


On dealing with skin issues:

“It’s very rare that you meet someone that’s like, ‘Oh, I have never had pimple ever in my life, look at my perfect, beautiful skin.’ It’s just not true. When I take off my makeup, I’m like, ‘Oh fuck, look at my face! This is terrible. Oh my god.’ I’m always working to better it and I’m trying new things to show people, ‘Hey, this might not work for you, but it’s working for me. It could work for somebody else.’ I’m on socials trying to figure out what to do with my skin, as so many other people are. When I’m posting that shit, it’s also like, yeah, you may go on my Instagram and see me looking nice and I have makeup on, but it’s called makeup. I don’t look like that. I take off my makeup and there it is, scars and all, you know? Hello.”

The craziest acne treatments she’s tried:

“I’ve done microneedling. They call it the face tattoo. That shit hurts, yo—your face hurts so bad. It’s literally seven needles, in your face, to get your collagen to produce more. Most people look at my skin and are like, ‘Oh, it’s nothing,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, but blow me up 50 feet wide in front of millions of people.’ It doesn’t look good. It may look fine in person, but not when it’s HD and there’s certain lighting that you can’t help. Everybody’s got something under their skin, and for me, when I know it’s that big, of course I’m going to be more self conscious about it. I’ve done the crazy face peels that people do, where it really peels off your whole face. I would be trimming that shit—I showed that on Snapchat, too. I had to literally trim skin off of my face with a pair of scissors. That really works. For the most part, it’s just about keeping your skin healthy and saying no. When I work on projects and people want use this product, and they want to try this, and they want to do this. I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa. I can’t wear makeup for 16 hours a day, padding it on thick every single day, and not get a breakout. That’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t matter how well I’m cleaning my skin, it doesn’t matter how well I’m stressing about it, it’s still going to break out.”

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