What to Get Your Perfect Friend Who’s Also Pregnant

What to Get Your Perfect Friend Who’s Also Pregnant

For all the Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys out there who make bringing life into this world look really, really chic.

We all have that friend or sister or cousin who is perpetually perfect and pregnancy, of course, is just another thing that looks great on her. Think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who has maternity moments in Versace and makes her pregnancy announcement in a bikini on a beach. Presents for these moms-to-be aren’t that different from what you would normally get them because they really are fabulous twelve months of the year, even when nine of them are spent bearing the miracle of life. They of course look flawless, and they make it look easy.

From jewelry they can wear in the delivery room to matching bikini sets they can pack for a much-needed vacation with their (bound-to-be-beautiful) baby, we’ve got the gift roundup for your most fashionable mom-to-be.


To wear in the delivery room (and everywhere else)

Some moms have jewelry they never take off, others don’t, but if your friend is anything like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it wouldn’t be so off base for her to wear statement earrings at the hospital or when picking up her baby from daycare.

For the much-needed at-home spa and relaxation treatment

Everyone has heard of pregnancy glow. But who’s to say a little extra product can’t help? Even if our friends or relatives make pregnancy look flawless, it’s still an exhausting and emotional time. A little extra pampering never hurt nobody!

When baby bathing suits get added to the packing checklist

So we’re all just a *little* inspired by all of these pregnancy announcement photo shoots (the image of pregnant Beyoncé in a flower crown on a vintage red car will live on in our memory and hearts forever). But we’re bracing ourselves for all of the cute baby photo shoots to follow. Someone who brings a baby into this world also deserves a vacation, and what would make a better photo op than a mom and her new daughter in matching Marysia? (Answer: Nothing!)

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