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This Model-Slash-DJ Is Doing Her Own Hair & Makeup for Her Wedding

We are all for Pamela Katz’s minimalistic beauty and skincare regimen.

This Model-Slash-DJ Is Doing Her Own Hair & Makeup for Her Wedding
Weston Wells

You know those people who have perfect skin and hair, who you want to hate but just can’t because they’re actually the nicest? That is Pamela Katz to a T.

Allow us to bring you up to speed on this new girl crush of ours: Katz first entered the industry working as a fashion assistant and now splits her time between modeling and DJ-ing. “I went towards styling after [fashion assisting],” she told us. “[Then] I did some freelance, and a few months into that, I was inspired by some of the models on set and decided I wanted to do my own modeling. After that, I started getting my other foot in the door with DJ-ing and music. That was about a year ago—it’s going really well, and I love it.” You definitely wouldn’t ever be able to tell that Katz is constantly on the go considering every time we see her she is absolutely glowing—which is exactly why we got her to divulge to us all of her skincare and hair secrets. Turns out she is a minimalist (of course, right?) who swears by Princess Leia buns.


On her minimalistic approach to beauty:

“[This is] my natural hair color. I don’t really touch my hair. I don’t remember the last time I got a blowout, and if I do, it was probably by accident or forced. I don’t really love to wear makeup, [but] I do love specific makeup—an eyebrow, I love a cheekbone. My hair is really my number one thing, so as long as my hair feels good, I’m kind of cool with whatever goes on on my face.”

On how she gets that perfect wave:

“I am a shampoo and conditioner hoarder, so I probably have seven different brands that I keep, and I like to go through them and see how they all make my hair dry differently. I don’t really style my hair when I get out of the shower, I just kind of leave it and put it in two Princess Leia buns. Sometimes I’ll sleep with it in, but that’s only if I shower at night. I get this perfect beach wave that I don’t find many hairstylists can even conquer with their iron.”


Her go-to hair mask:

“I do this coconut oil mask from Whole Foods. You put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, and you let the heat packet warm up. Once it’s out, you massage it in your hands for a second and then put it through your hair—working from my ends up. I put my hair in a shower cap after so it kind of stays together and holds the moisture.”

On the time she had hot pink hair:

“When I was in Boulder, [Colorado,] for college, I got really excited one weekend and dyed [my hair] hot pink—I was obsessed with it. I kind of had an alter ego for a few days. My mom wasn’t obsessed with it, though, so I had to make sure it was washable, and I got it out.”


The facial oil she swears by:

“I just started using this new [facial] oil, but I have eczema, so I am very careful with every product I use. I find that the products with less ingredients work best. I’ve been using one [from a brand] called Patyka—I just use it on my face, and if I have a little left over, I put it in the ends of my hair—it’s good for moisture.”

On her favorite makeup products:

“I love Glossier products. I use a lot of the gloss and Boy Brow for my brows. I also use an air foundation, Dior Airflash Spray.”


On her battle with eczema:

“It’s actually really weird. I had it probably when I was six years old, and then I didn’t have it again until a year ago when I went on set for a cosmetics shoot. They used eyelash glue all over my face to put rhinestones on, which made beautiful pictures and a shitty five months after. Since then I’ve had to be super careful on set with what makeup they use, and I bring my own makeup.”

Her tips for dealing with eczema:

“I like an oatmeal bath—I think Aveeno oatmeal baths are really nice. Stick to finding out what is good for your diet and what isn’t. I find that anytime I eat sugar, it causes more flare-ups than I would have had. It makes me itchy. Your eczema is really bad based on how you treat it. If you itch it and feed into it, you’re going to get what you ask for. If you leave it alone and ignore it, [youll be happier].”


On why she isn’t getting her hair or makeup done for her wedding:

“I tried to do makeup and hair trials, and I felt so not myself. I didn’t want to fly someone in from New York for hair and makeup just because I didn’t need to. I think bridal makes people look a little cheesy, I guess. I felt like it wasn’t my brand, so I don’t even think I’m getting my hair done. I think I’m going to leave it in my Princess Leia buns the night before, take it down, and have someone put a little bend in it (if I need) or some shine spray in it. For face, I think Im going to get a spray tan the day before. I like to do that before shoots and stuff because then I can wear minimal makeup and it’s good for my skin.”

Shot on site at the Bowery Hotel.

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