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May 2017 Horoscopes: Pisces


May 2017 Horoscopes: Pisces
Hannah Becker

Since April 20, Mercury retrograde in your wealth has played more than a few tricks on your wallet. Yes, having the stars tie up your money is inconvenient, but have you considered that there are lots of ways to feel wealthy? When Mercury is direct again on May 3, it’s clear that you’re rich in love, accomplishments, and other hot commodities. Under the Scorpio full moon on the 10th, a long trip delivers revealing insights about your approach to faith, hope, and love. If you needed a reason to visit that hotel you’ve been wanting to try, this is it! Take yourself and your journal, and see what comes up. Lucky for you, the Gemini new moon in your emotional fourth house hits the celestial reset button on your life. It feels good, but it could be a little overwhelming, so make sure you stock your fridge with plenty of gelato and cue up your favorite comfort show on Netflix. By the end, you feel cleansed.

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