Living Off Ramen

These Sunglasses Are Totally Worth Giving Up Brunch For, Right?

Now you can tell just how serious we really are about this whole fashion thing.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Noah Lehava

Although I’m actually the worst with my sunglasses (think: no case, throwing them in any and every pocket, occasionally sitting on them), I somehow always convince myself that I should invest in expensive, designer pairs, rather than opting for a classic pair of, say, Ray-Bans. You would think that after losing my favorite Versace’s in Miami last year that I would’ve learnt my lesson but, nope. I am currently obsessing over these Givenchy Palladium Aviators, and am giving up my weekend brunches until I can splurge on them—which will be in about two months time. Following that two month stint you can find me posted up on patios all over New York and Toronto.



13 weekend brunches at $30 = 1 Givenchy Palladium Round Aviator Sunglasses at $375,

In image: Bite Beauty, Fshn Unlimited.