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The Life, Style, Beauty and Fragrance Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Moms

In collaboration with Chloé.

The Life, Style, Beauty and Fragrance Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Moms
Alec Kugler

Moms are (usually) the best. Aren’t they? There’s a reason why literally just hearing your mom’s voice is sometimes the only thing to chill you out. Even as you get older and realize your parents are doing their best to figure things out like the rest of us, it still seems as if moms, in their infinite wisdom, truly do have it all together. Or at the very least, know exactly what to do when things are falling apart and you’re having a complete meltdown. *James Van Der Beek crying face*

Of course, our own moms are no exception. And so for mother’s day, we figured there was no one better to hit up for advice than our own (spoiler: what they had to say was pretty great). As if you needed another reason to pick her up something nice this year (a fancy brunch or a bottle of Chloe’s Eau de Parfum will probably do the trick).


From Tess, Andee’s mom:

“Keep learning and having new experiences because that helps you grow and stay happy. Don’t worry about being perfect, just work hard and be true to yourself. Stay positive. Be kind to yourself and others.”


From Andrea, Meagan’s mom:

“Days can be stressful, however, try to make some time for yourself. Treat yourself to something that will put a smile onto your face. Put importance on your own needs. Don’t always take the back seat after boyfriend, spouse, kids or family.

“Drink plenty of water throughout the day—avoid ‘the prune syndrome’. Be kind to yourself and put that nasty inner voice in check. Compliment and like yourself. Spend time with people you enjoy. Always, always take time to take off your makeup at night. You will be thankful as you get older. Use a good night cream for your face and also treat your neck and decolleté. Use cream on your hands daily. With fashion, enjoy what you feel comfortable with and in. It’s you who wears it so you might as well enjoy it. Don't try to mimic something that you are not.

“I’ve been using the same fragrance for what seems like forever, but I like it even better if I stop using it for some time and then come back to it. Perfume just seems to become part of our DNA. It just makes me feel great, and is the perfect way to start my day.”


From Luanne, Sam’s mom:

“Always trust your instinct—if your little voice tells you something’s not right, pay attention. Never tell any one person everything—it’s good to be a little mysterious! Every day, do something you have to do and something you want to do. And most folks are really good at heart, so don’t let the crappy ones take the spotlight!”


From Yvonne, Laurel’s mom:

“Instead of thinking what will impress other people, think about what will feel comfortable for yourself and others. If your home feels comfortable, it will look inviting. Imagine how you want to live. Do you want your home to feel like a cozy nook? An art museum? A spa? A clean, spare, empty space? What will nourish you when you return from a hard day at work? Once you have a direction, look at lots of magazines and tear out photos of homes that fit your dream. Put them all together and see how they relate and notice the common features. Those common features will be the foundation of your decorating plan. Next, notice what extra touches really make the idea sing. These are like the jewelry for your outfit. They could be a signature piece of furniture, the treatment of a ceiling, the color of the floors… anything, really. A good designer can take this specific input and take it even a step further for you. Have fun. This is a luxury very few people ever get to enjoy.”


From Annie, Jodi’s mom:

“Have that lazy afternoon pulling out family pictures that make you laugh and cry. Always take time to be friendly. Take time to love and be loved. Take time to laugh, it’s the music of the soul.”


From Maria, Tara’s mom:

“I am Spanish so I always find myself drawn to ruffles—I believe it’s because of my love for flamenco. If a shirt or a dress has a ruffle on it, I’ll buy it, and it reminds me of growing up visiting Andalucia in the summer. I think you should always wear something with lace because it’s just so sexy. For beauty, I say never leave the house without your black eyeliner. I think it brightens your whole face. And finally, if you are happy and good to everybody that happiness will shine through and you will look and feel beautiful!”


From Perla, Noah’s mom:

“Don’t take life too seriously. Sometimes it’s okay to be the loudest in the room. Nothing is worth sacrificing your happiness for. Always moisturize and wear perfume. And no matter how many times you say it, Spice Girls won’t be the next Beatles.” [Ed note: I still think they will!]

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