Simone Marchetti Likes Fashion, Not Style

Simone Marchetti Likes Fashion, Not Style

How to dress like a "’70s Pajama Palazzo" Italian Fashion Editor.

Alec Kugler

“Fashion changes, style endures” is a Coco Chanel quote that we’ve all heard before. And even though most consider anything Coco Chanel said about fashion to be bible, Italian fashion editor Simone Marchetti disagrees. He actually doesn’t like style; he likes fashion. He specifically likes to see how it’s constantly changing. And whenever he sees something new, he adds it to his wardrobe immediately, throwing away trends of the past to make way for this season’s newest. His closet is very Italian in that it’s ornate, colorful, and completely over-the-top (or as the Italians say, molto) but in the best way possible. We’ve never met a man with more perfectly put-together pajamas (we’ve also never met a silk patterned pajama set we didn’t like). Channeling his style will make you look like an extra in a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement on the coast of Capri, and since there is nothing we’d like more, we’ve put together four steps on how to make it happen.


1. Throw on some fancy pajamas and wear them all day and night…

Simone’s love of pajamas comes from his hatred of packing. The day before he goes to Paris or New York for fashion week, he packs ten silk pajamas because they don’t weigh much, take up very little space, and are endlessly chic. They also make little girls at the airport ask why he’s dressed like a naked woman (true story), to which he replied, “She’s right!” 

2....but leave the slippers at home

Pajamas are easy to throw on right before leaving the house, but since you don’t actually want to look like you rolled out of bed, the slippers need to stay behind. Instead, Simone’s tip to take the relaxed look from getting up to gala is a pair of lavish shoes—preferably patterned, embroidered, studded, or all three.

3. Empty out your closet and replace it with everything Alessandro Michele makes.

Keeping up with the ever-changing trends isn’t easy, but Simone thrives off the challenge of changing every season. When he first saw Alessandro Michele’s collection for Gucci, he admits wanting to throw away everything in his wardrobe in order to buy all of it (we’ve been there mentally–not so much financially…). Blind for love (of Gucci)? Absolutely.

4. Favor fashion over style.

Simone told us he favors fashion over style because “fashion–it passes, and I think we pass. I like to change; I like something that makes me change my mind.” He’s certainly making us reconsider our distaste for trends as we stock up on millennial pink anything, retro floral prints, flared pants, and sunglasses in every shade other than black.

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