14 Unexpected Ways to Wear Denim This Spring

14 Unexpected Ways to Wear Denim This Spring

Surprise! Not one of them is jeans.

Perhaps the one biggest bummer about summertime is that your favorite pair of jeans, which you’ve likely lived in for the last, oh, eight months straight, aren’t comfortable anymore. Suddenly they’re too hot, too tight, and just completely wrong. Maybe you’re happy to fling them aside for the season, but if denim is a core part of your wardrobe (as it is for me), you might feel less like yourself than usual for your glaring lack of jean-clad-legs (and also your glaringly pale skin covering said legs, but that’s an issue for another time).

So, while you can obviously wear denim skirts, dresses, or jackets, denim accessories shouldn’t go unnoticed or unworn either. Denim skirts and dresses can feel precious, and jean jackets too literally 90s; a hint of the indigo stuff on a cross-body bag or minimalist pair of sandals might just be the touch you need to stay grounded while your favorite pair of cropped flares are hibernating.

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Zara Mid-Heel Denim Shoes With Pineapple Detail, $60

The block heel on these makes them look polished, but the crystal pineapple detail is still really fun. I’d wear these to the office with a pair of cropped flared trousers and a knit tank.
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