No One Will Ever Know This Ruffled Top Is *Actually* a Bathing Suit

No One Will Ever Know This Ruffled Top Is *Actually* a Bathing Suit

It’s perfect for Coachella!

Dana Burke

In the weeks leading up to Coachella, I was stressed the eff out. It sounds lame, but I wanted to make sure I got the dress code *correct*, while still skipping the stereotypical flower crowns and fringe and staying true to my fashion girl roots. With pool parties in my schedule—but zero clue if people actually swim at these things (I’m leaning toward no)—I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pack a bathing suit. And that’s when I came across this cute, double-ruffled one-piece by Lisa Marie Fernandez. If I pair this baby with denim shorts or a boho-type skirt, no one will ever even know it’s not a top or bodysuit. Then, if people start jumping into the water (or if I come back from a performance, sweaty and in need of a dip), those bottoms come off and I’m ready to go. The only catch is that it costs the same as about 39 months, aka three years, of a premium Netflix subscription. Looks like I’ll be saying bye to binge-watching and reading a lot in the near future...or stealing my parents’ log-in.


About 39 months of Netflix at $12 a month = 1 Lisa Marie Fernandez Mira Royal Flounce Swimsuit at $465

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