This Boutique Is Paris’s Best-Kept Secret

It's full of perfectly unusual French-girl necessities (think lurex and feather accents!)—and, bonus, they ship internationally.

By: Tara Gonzalez
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

We imagine walking onto the set of a French new-wave film would feel very similar to walking into the Saint Honoré boutique Maison Père. It’s hard not to picture Anna Karina walking through the red art deco space and throwing on a pastel-colored knit adorned with feathers. The store is so French, we left singing Édith Piaf (and we don’t speak French). 

Paris Stylists frequent the boutique, and it’s no wonder why: there’s inspiration in every corner, from the perfect marble coffee table to the clothing on the racks, to the owner and designer, Camille Omerin, who lives close by (and rides a scooter around the neighborhood at night).

Having dreamt of working in fashion since she was ten, Camille interned at Fendi, Chloé, and CHANEL before deciding to design herself—and voilàMaison Père was born.

Click through the photos below for another reason to travel and shop in Paris (as if you needed one), and learn about Camille’s vintage inspiration, her favorite piece from the collection, and how her fashion icon is actually from modern-day New York.


“I always knew that I wanted to start my own brand. Although I have a business background, [I] could envision the aesthetic I wanted the brand to embody. I was lucky to surround myself by so many talented designers through various internships that I was able to receive a really hands-on learning experience. I started the company at 24 years old, after having worked in the RTW development department at Chloé. At some point I just felt ready.”

“Maison Père is a super fresh collection. We focus on creating everyday garments that have irreverent details (fur or feathers, for example) and high-quality fabrics. The brand is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think that’s what really attracts people to the brand. Girls just feel cool and powerful in our clothing.”

“Maison Père comes from the French idiom 'Maison Mère'; 'Mère' literally translates to ‘mother,’ but in this context it figuratively translates to ‘headquarter.’ I changed the word ‘Mère’ to ‘Père’ to evoke the masculine-inspired sensibility of the brand. I also liked the idea of father/daughter bond.”

“I’ve visited many spaces in other neighborhoods before Saint Honoré, and when I came to this store, it was obvious. It’s very international with Colette around the corner, but our clients are 75% Parisian women. Saint Honoré is the perfect spot for us.”

“I love to ride my scooter at night through Place de la Concorde with all the lights around. I love living in Le Marais, feeling like it’s a small village with everything around.”

“I met Hugo and Maxime from Toro Liautard [who designed the store], and apparently all I said during the meeting was that my favorite color was red! So they worked on a red project that I wasn’t expecting, and I loved it! It catches the Maison Père spirit—mixing heritage and antique pieces with modern lines and details.”

“[Owning a boutique] was a dream as a child. But I never really thought it would happen…”

“From SS17 I love the striped lurex tank top and skirt. They have a ’70s spirit but still feel super modern.”

“I’m really inspired by anything vintage, clothes but also furniture or a whole environment. I like the idea that time has bestowed an object with stories and memories. My team and I develop our own prints for each collection. This summer collection was inspired by Agnès, my godmother. Her style was very cool and chic; I picked up specific pieces in her closet that embodied the ’70’s theme of the collection.”

“Everything conceived of and created especially for the store, we developed the entire concept. Some furniture is vintage, and some is new. I always joke around that one day I’ll be an interior designer. I love furniture.”

“As a French girl, I must say Jane Birkin or Ines de la Fressange [are my style icons], but to be honest I love Leandra Medine. She has so much self-confidence, she lives her life without caring of people's opinions, and her style is unique. No limit, but always very classy. And fun!”