Inside Tei Shi’s SXSW Festival Tour

Including a performance at Coveteur’s event!

Inside Tei Shi’s SXSW Festival Tour

When it comes to Tei Shi, we’re fans. And when we heard she would be at SXSW performing a veritable marathon of shows (multiples a day), we decided to add one more to her schedule and booked her for our own event that we cohosted with Bumble and Reward Style. As if that wasn’t enough, we asked that she send us some snapshots of her time in town, which she did—making even green-room curtains and late-night stops at In-N-Out look unreasonably cool. We’ll admit it: our time at SXSW was decidedly less photogenic, but we’ll live vicariously through Tei Shi’s record of it instead.

“Austin on day one for the Ladies Who Launch event thrown by Coveteur, Reward Style, and Bumble.”
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