My Panamanian Mom’s Favorite Drugstore Lipstick Looks Good on Everyone

My Panamanian Mom’s Favorite Drugstore Lipstick Looks Good on Everyone

Is the universally flattering lipstick shade thing real, or just a beauty myth?

If there’s one beauty tip my mom taught me during the 18 years we spent channeling Gilmore Girls’ Lorelei and Rory (aka as a single mother-daughter duo), it’s this: Always wear something on your lips! Also, the “messy topknot” I love makes me look like Medusa, but...whatever.

All jokes aside, the older I get, the more I’m realizing that, as with most things, she was right. as. hell. Dry, chapped lips are very unforgiving, and as such, my pout is rarely bare—even if I’m wearing zilch on my face otherwise.

Considering my mom is a lip-care aficionado, you can bet she has some great lipstick recommendations in her arsenal—which brings me to the drugstore bargain she’s convinced me (and every woman in my immediate family) to purchase: L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in 843 Toasted Almond. It’s a gorgeous mauve hue with brown undertones that, I’m convinced, works on everyone.

And Toasted Almond isn't the only shade the reportedly looks good on everyone. MAC's Ruby Woo supposedly works on every skin tone, as does Lipstick Queen's pale mauve color called Saint. Iman's eponymous brand's eponymous lipstick shade, Iman Red, is similarly flattering on many skin tones. If pink is more your thing, Revlon's Ultimate Suede lipstick is Muse is probably just the bright hue you're after.

Here’s where I should mention that mommy and me don’t exactly have the same complexion. Hers is an ageless medium olive tone courtesy of her Panamanian roots. Mine is the fair-light result of my late father’s European genes. And Toasted Almond is an everyday shade on both of us—albeit in different ways.

On her, it’s almost like a pretty tinted lip balm (soft and not going to be super obvious if she goes outside her lip’s natural line). On me, it’s more of a peachy mauve that gives my skin a healthy pop of color (it will be obvious if I go outside the lines).

Chances are it will look great on you, too. 


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