You Can Now Get Gucci Items Delivered in Under Two Hours

You Can Now Get Gucci Items Delivered in Under Two Hours

Thanks, Farfetch!

We do it all the time: contemplate and stress over what we’ll wear to a fancy event, or a job interview, or even our very own birthday dinner, only to be hours away from said occasion and still have nothing to wear. But starting today, we no longer need to worry, *especially* if our heart is set on something from Gucci. Farfetch’s new delivery service, F90, will bring pieces straight from the fashion house’s store and drop them at a customer’s door—and it promises to do so within 90 minutes. In other words, you can be doing your hair, painting your nails, and feeding your pet, all while your outfit is in transit. Then, once it arrives, you’re *literally* ready to go—and looking fabulous at that.

This service makes the life of a fashion lover so much easier, but, of course, there is a small catch. Right now, it’s only available in 10 major cities worldwide, so check out which ones qualify below, along with a cute video promoting “Store to Door.”


The Cities That Qualify


New York


Los Angeles





Sao Paulo



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