A$AP Ferg Took Over Paris with Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid

We raided the Traplord designer’s closet and found a gold mine of rare designer pieces, sneakers, and...well...gold. New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Jodi Taylor, Meagan Wilson
Photography: Alec Kugler

Someone with even a fleeting interest in fashion probably knows that long before street style was flooded with the same long-sleeve tees you’d find in your teen brother’s bedroom, the A$AP crew was all over streetwear and ~high fashion~ colliding. But what you might not know is that their collective interest in the stuff goes far beyond surface level—especially that of A$AP Ferg’s (more apparent now than ever, as he works on his first-ever RTW collection for his namesake line [in case the massive neon blue sign hanging above his kitchen didn’t give it away]) Traplord.

See, what you probably don’t know is that long before this meme was you, Ferg was just getting his start as a designer (who got his pieces into the hands of Swizz Beatz way back during the MySpace days). Ferg points to his late father (he was the one behind Bad Boy Records’ logo, BTW) as the catalyst for his love of all things art and design. With his style influences ranging from everything from documentaries to drug dealers in Harlem to Missy Elliott’s monochromatic moments (“green on green, like a green room with a green outfit to match. It’s like you own the room”), it’s clear why Ferg’s design efforts and personal style are unlike anything else out right now.

At least that’s what we learned when we went over to his Harlem apartment one rainy evening. As he sat in his barber’s chair (he makes house calls) and got fixed up to shoot, we chatted about everything from what he really thinks of high fashion’s love affair with streetwear (“The big fashion houses realized they were losing a lot of money. The designers are all listening to our music anyways!”) to his first-ever time at Paris Fashion Week (where he hung with Dior’s CEO, plus Bella and Kendall). Click through the photos below and see for yourself.