Louis Vuitton Collaborated with Jeff Koons on the Coolest Bags You’ll Ever Own

They’re *literally* works of art.

By: Samantha Sutton

Wed like to think of ourselves as smart shoppers; when we make a big purchase, were not buying just to buy—were buying to own said item for years to come. Thats why we were so freakin excited to learn about Louis Vuittons new collaboration with contemporary artist Jeff Koons. The pieces are *literally* works of art, remixing well-known paintings with the LV logo (as well as a JK for Jeff Koons), then embellishing them with that artists name. Koons got the inspiration from his current series, Gazing Ball, where he repaints those iconic canvases, then places a blue ball in front of them. 

Considering how special and eye-catching these clutches, satchels, and scarves are, were thinking theyre totally worth the investment. Take a look at whats available to shop—by inquiry only, at the moment—but not before you watch LVs interview with the artist himself.



#LVxKoons Art, life, humanity and beauty: Jeff Koons on his collaboration with #LouisVuitton. Learn more at louisvuitton.com

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