Throw the Chicest Wedding Shower Yet

Throw the Chicest Wedding Shower Yet

Expert tips from Brunch Pant's Monique Otero.

Unless you’re a professional event planner, planning any type of event can be just a bit of a nightmare. Nine times out of ten, the biggest (and most extravagant, if you’re anything like us) event you’ll ever have a part in planning is your wedding. And if youre not engaged or married, odds are you have had to, or will have to plan a bridal shower for one of your besties. Since it’s our wedding week and all, it’s only fair we cover all bases when it comes to wedding planning and give you the 411 on how to plan a chic shower. Now, we couldn’t do this all on our own, so we reached out to our trusty expert, Monique Otero of Brunch Pants, the same gal who taught us how to throw a chic AF baby shower, a family-style dinner, the most perfect summer brunch, and a formal ladies lunch (we know—we wish we were her, too).


On the first steps:

“Decide what kind of shower you want to throw—an intimate affair with closest friends and family, or something including your larger circle of friends. This will determine venues and menu. [Starting to plan] about two months [ahead of the date] is ideal so that you can reserve the venue you want and give out-of-town guests a heads-up.”


The best time to have a bridal shower:

“Weekends are preferred.”


Paper invitation versus e-vite:

“Nothing beats paper invites, but if you are including out-of-town guests, email makes it much easier to track RSVPs.”


On the best decor color combos & how to avoid making it cheesy:

“Go for neutrals every time—white and cream. If you want to incorporate a favorite color, use it as an accent in the flowers, the dessert, or the cocktails (assuming you dont need neon food coloring, of course!). Don’t go overboard on decor. Focus on floral arrangements and beautiful tablescapes—stay away from streamers and theme confetti.”


The best food to offer:

“If its a cocktail event, go for one-bite-size everything. If you are doing a sit-down affair, stay away from spaghetti [or] things that get stuck in your teeth. Focus on local and seasonal ingredients, which will taste better and be easier to source.”


Her thoughts on bridal shower games:

“Since this isnt a toddler fete, games should be kept to a minimum. One cute shower game is called ‘without the bride knowing’—ask the groom a series of questions about the bride, himself, and their relationship. At the shower, ask the bride the same questions, and see if she gives the same answers.”


Party favors to offer:

“Stick to things that everyone loves and will want to take home: fancy chocolate, macarons, or a timeless neutral nail polish or lipstick from your favorite brand. Stay away from trinkets that will just get tossed—the brides friends love her, but not so much they want to wear a shirt with her and her husband-to-bes names on it.”


On chic NYC venues:

Ladurée Garden, Cupola at The Nomad, Buvette, Cafe Cluny, or Claudette.”

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