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Ebonee Davis’ Beauty Routine Is Surprisingly Simple

Exactly how she cares for her skin and hair.

Ebonee Davis’ Beauty Routine Is Surprisingly Simple
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Jessica P. Smalls, Hair: Paul Warren

If anyone’s skin and hair goes through the wringer, it’s a professional model. From layers upon layers of makeup, to stylists who aren’t equipped to handle their hair texture and burn the shit out of it (more on that here), Ebonee Davis has seen it all. And unlike the editors here at Coveteur, whose approach to corrective beauty is “more of everything!!!”, Ebonee’s attitude is refreshingly simple.

“To remove my makeup, I use Bioderma, and I use African black soap to cleanse my face. It’s not really a brand, it’s just in this tub from, I don’t know, African stores. I don’t know where they have it. I get mine in Harlem or Brooklyn.”

However, we’ve yet to meet a person with skin as gorgeous as Ebonee’s is who didn’t have at least one special, secret trick up their sleeve: “I use a dime-sized amount of vitamin E oil and a few drops of tea tree oil, and I just rub that in for about five minutes, morning and night. Then I use warm water to rinse it off and use a towel to get most of the oil off. The combination of oils pulls out the makeup and dirt and anything that’s in your skin. It also keeps your skin from producing sebum, which is what clogs your pores. Because you’re already putting that oil there, your skin doesn’t produce more.

“Then I moisturize with Dr. Hauschka, which is natural. I like to keep my beauty routine really natural and simple. When I’m not working, I don’t wear makeup except for maybe some lip gloss and mascara.”

And her hair? Just as low-maintenance. “For my hair I use Shea Moisture. I use coconut oil when I want to do deep conditioning or, on a day where I am just sitting at home, I’ll put coconut oil in it and let it marinate.”


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