These Are the 125 Pieces You Need for Spring

These Are the 125 Pieces You Need for Spring

The best of the season's dresses, shoes, bags, swimsuits, jewelry, and more for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

SPRING IS HERE! Kinda. It’s coming. Meteorologists promise. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been stocking up for the season for a while. But there’s a whole lot of good stuff out there. Which is why we put together this BIG fashion edit: all the best of the best of the ~stuff~ to invest in this spring. For some things—dresses, denim—they’re a given. You’re gonna get some anyway and love them. For others—big gold earrings, one-piece swimsuits—you need them to wear now because they are the sartorial zeitgeist of spring and summer. We swear, though, even looking at the below will make it feel sunnier.


Dresses & Jumpsuits

Dresses and a couple jumpsuits make up the cornerstone of our spring and summer wardrobe—mostly because they’re just one-and-done. This season they’re fun and floral and not too sweet. Think more flirty than sexy.


This season, only one-pieces need apply. An extension of the bodysuit trend (have you been wearing one all winter too?), you can wear them with denim and poolside, both. And these are the very best of the best.


It’s not 90 degrees yet, and you still need some version of outerwear. Spring is honestly the best season for jackets because you can get a little creative (it’s not all about piling on the wool and fleece anymore). We’re into oversized and embellished denim jackets and long, airy duster coats.


As many sandals as there are out there, it’s hard to find a pair that are just right—we swear we went through hundreds to find just 11 that we love. Slides are a given, but also look for stacked heels and ankle straps with embellished details.


There are no rules when it comes to summer bags, but the best ones are a statement—whether that’s texture (Trademark), embellishment (Bulgari), or holographic finish (Kara). Pick one that’s loud and proud, and wear it everywhere.


When we say shirting, we mean crisp white shirts, sure (best worn as a bathing suit coverup, in our opinion), but we also mean all the weird and wonderful ways designers like Rachel Comey and Rosie Assoulin have twisted traditional shirts and blouses to mean something entirely new.


If you invest in any jewelry this season, make it earrings. And make those earrings big and bold and probably in gold. These are the best options whether you want to splurge on one v. fancy pair or *collect* many.

Shoes (That Aren’t Sandals)

At this point, sneakers are just as important to our summer uniform as sandals, and so are slip-ons and pumps (or major platforms, as is the case with Gucci). Just, shoes = important.


Jeans, jeans, jeans. The meat and potatoes (or chicken breast and kale) of our wardrobes. This season’s denim, though, is anything but basic. The best part? You can still wear any of these pairs every day.


We’re putting our money on pants—rather than the more traditional skirt—as the bottom of the spring. After a winter of being cooped up (and watching the news), this is the time to get out there and move. And you’ll look damn good doing it in any of these options.

The Extras

Hats, sunglasses, a particularly keepsake-y necklace, all as key to our wardrobe as anything else. “Extra” is a bit of a misnomer. That said, these are the kinds of items you can collect over the season—they’ll wear well and never go out of style.

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