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Art Collector Michael Xufu Huang Took Us to Art Basel Hong Kong

Let’s just say a selfie with Murakami may or may not have been involved.

By: Tara Gonzalez

When we first sat on the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Michael Xufu Huang, he mentioned sometimes missing class at UPenn to go to art fairs. And although we can’t say we’ve ever been in his position, we can say that we find ourselves living vicariously through his incredibly well-curated Instagram filled with everything from selfies at Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors to portraits from Forbes’s most recent 30 Under 30 event, to snaps at themed college parties in West Philly.

This past week was one of those instances where Xufu may have had to miss a class or two to go see art at Art Basel Hong Kong. But after seeing the parties (and the hangovers), the artwork (and the artists), plus the outfits (and the Gucci)? We guess homework can wait.

Click through to see Xufu’s Art Basel style, and *that* selfie with Murakami.


“Arriving in Hong Kong on a rainy and blurry day.”

“The only peaceful time before the crazy week.”

“Visiting Pierre Chen’s private collection with the New Museum crew. His daughter, Jasmine Chen, is a dear friend. The painting is by legendary Chinese artist Chang Yu.”

“With my bae, Yvonne Fong, at the Simon Lee lunch—the most rowdy kickoff event every year!”

“Walking around central and saw this giant TeamLab installation at my friends Kristine and Vickie Li’s new building.”

“Getting some love from Takashi Murakami.”

“I need an energy boost before the fair!”

“The most gorgeous lunch setup. Van Cleef and Chinati Foundation killed it. The director of the Marfa, Texas-based foundation, Jenny Moore, joked this is the most amount of flowers she has seen in a year.”

“Art Basel preview starts in the afternoon. Guggenheim curator Xiaoyu Weng and Artist Ming Wong laugh at me for taking a selfie in front of an Olafur Eliasson.”

“Chinese artist Yan Xing is one of my favorites at the fair.”

“Gucci dinner with Petra Collins. She is such an inspiration, having accomplished so much only one year older than me!”

“Hosting a party with Le Baron and Kaleidoscope magazine that night to kick off Art Basel HK. Don’t you just love the invite?”

“Best party of the week, or what?”

“The morning after...”

“Celebrating Chinese artist Zhao Zhao’s new book, Provocateur, with Flash Art magazine.”

“Amazing view from mid-levels. The green makes me relaxed.“

“Second day at the fair. Wearing sans titre and, oops, my outfit made the floor hard…. (;”

“Third day at the fair with my friend Monique Leong. Wearing a vintage navy top.”

“A gallerist showing me a private Elizabeth Peyton. What a beauty!”

“Late night drunk food is always at Ichiran Ramen! With my friend MegaMengMeng.”

“That’s a wrap for Art Basel HK 2017! It’s hard to fit the week into 21 photos...”

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