20 Style Lessons We’ve Learned from Lady Gaga

Happy birthday, Mother Monster!

By: Samantha Sutton

It doesnt matter if Lady Gagas wearing short shorts or a floor-length gown, our reaction is the same either way: whoa. The singer/actress/Marc Jacobs model practically puts on a show with her outfits alone, and after a few years of seeing Mother Monster in the spotlight, weve picked up a ton of valuable styling tips. From the daring to the simple to the super, super glam, take a look at some of Gagas outfits, and read the lessons weve learned from them. Then be sure to wish the star the happiest of birthdays—she turned 31 today!


First of all, a wide-brim hat pairs well with everything.

And personalized pieces, especially T-shirts, are anything but cheesy.

Cutoffs and Converse sneakers are staples that never go out of style.

Plus, denim isn’t just for pants and jackets—take a look at these boots!

It’s fine to get a little glam when you’re just going for a hike.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear heels to the grocery store.

If you’re comfortable and confident doing so, go ahead and show some skin with underboob crop tops and super short shorts.

It’s possible to be glam in a gown one day...

...and sexy and daring the next. You’re a fashion chameleon, after all!

You can even combine the two for a sexy, polished look.

Embrace nostalgia with a graphic tee.

Dare to match your sunglasses to your hat.

Don’t be afraid of white pants. In fact, wear them with an all-white look.

Take advantage of a photo op, and definitely make use of cute accessories.

If you love a color, rock it head to toe.

Turn your cap around to quickly and instantly make a simple outfit more interesting.

Give pieces a personal—or political!—twist with patches and pins.

Know that accessories and details are just as important as the outfit itself.

Matchy-matchy doesn’t have to be cheesy.

Fringe is a fun way to steal the spotlight.