Meet Twin DJs Co-Signed by Nike (With the Sneaker Closet to Match)

Angel and Dren on bringing back bedazzled bandanas, hangover cures, the best $3 matte lipstick, and misogyny in the music industry.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Jodi Taylor, Meagan Wilson
Photography: Leslie Kirchhoff

The two most obvious, sartorially-inclined questions that pop up when we meet twins are as follows: 1) the excruciating details of any and all coordinating outfits they were forced into as children, and 2) whether or not their closet is communal now. When we met DJs Angel and Dren at their Harlem apartment, we were pleased to learn that the answer to the latter was maybe the best we’ve come across yet: they have not one, not two, but three closets between them (two individual, and one shared).

While the boundaries of said closets blur at times, the sisters seemed to have figured out a system that works for them—crucial when you have a shoe closet like theirs, with dozens upon dozens of red Nike boxes greeting us when we walked inside one of the girls’ bedrooms. It comes in handy, then, to monogram just about everything—namely, the J.Lo inspired rhinestone-bedazzled white bandana Angel’s considering getting custom-made after our shoot (more on that later). “I think it’s important. It’s going to be really substantial in 2017,” Dren mused. Which, well, same.

It wasn’t just the return of their throwback pieces we covered with the twins: we chatted about everything from misogyny in the music industry (and the dire lack of women producing, engineering, and playing music), growing up in the Bronx, their hangover recoveries of choice, and the best $3 matte lip color. Pull up a chair (or maybe do a fun little spin in it if yours has wheels?), and click through the gallery below to listen in on our conversation.