These Business Partners Are Creative Soul Mates

This is how they met.

Renée Rodenkirchen
Renée Rodenkirchen

If Martha Stewart had an adderall prescription” is how Luigi Tadini describes his creative soul mate, Nicky Balestrieri, in a nutshell, while “Stavros and Susan” plays to both their alter egos.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that the self-described nonsexual life partners have a lot of nicknames and epithets for one another.


And we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to tell from the video above, but there’s a lot of good banter between the duo and this kind of warm, exciting, contagious energy (the latter term could have been coined for them) that could make anyone feel comfortable in their presence. Which is kind of their job as co-founders and master event designers behind The Gathery (as in to gather), their editorially influenced creative consultancy. It came to fruition after they met at Paper magazine and then bonded over similar beaching habits (it’s a thing) one summer weekend in Provincetown—the future home of all their #stavrosandsusan escapades (check the hashtag for a dose of vacation envy, there are a lot of tunics involved). So naturally, after shooting their respective closets (yes, they’re just as good as you’d expect), we separated the two and played a couple rapid-fire rounds of the newlywed game. And we made sure to cover a variety of topics to prove how well they really know each other, including Tevas, karaoke, emojis, and beach speed (watch to find out what exactly that means). Because you know, when you share a creative baby/business together, you just have to know who’s going to bring the wine and who’s going to bring the music.


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